(adj.) A girl who is stereotypically Midwestern in a trashy way.
When I saw she had spilled Fireball down the front of her Pink Cardinals shirt, then heard her scream 'whoooooooo,' I knew she was super ranch.
by C-El, Esq January 21, 2016
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Verb: To shoot a hot creamy load onto your partner's bung hole, and then toss the salad.
Wow, That freak Tony Ranched his girlfriend's mom. I'm gonna be sick!
by mailmanjoe May 27, 2005
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Ranch can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Awesome, cool, weird, odd, whatever adjective comes to mind. It can be used as a sad boi meme for when you want to confuse someone or when you're the one who is confused. When using this word when confused the point is simply to confuse the person that confused you with their actions or something that they said. There are many different ways to say this word. "Ranchy" "Rancho" "ranchified" "ranched asf" "ranch asf" "ranch" or anything along the lines. As long as you are saying the word "ranch" it counts. Pay attention to the conversation topic and the tone that you or the person using the word is having. If this word is said in a negative tone it will most likely be a negative adjective. If ranch is used with a positive tone it will most likely mean a positive adjective.

The origin of this words' definition is Doritos cool ranch. The creator didn't understand why the chips' creator called it "cool" ranch instead of a simple "ranch flavored". The creator thought that this was weird, odd, (somewhat) funny, and quite ironic. So, the creator simply called some stuff ranch and now it is officially a word in their personal dictionary.
Ana: "How was your day."
Cameron: "Today was ranch."*said with positive tone and intent

(over text)
Sarah:"Ugh I hate you"
Mary:"I'm ranchified .." (confused example)

Professor : *tells students their intricate theory on black holes
Student: Ranch.. (confused example)

Bob: "I'm cool. "
Robert : "No, I'm ranch!"
by Daddio January 31, 2017
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To smoke weed, used instead of smoking weed so your hockey coach doesn't know what you're talking about
"yoo, I just picked up a fat sack, lets go ranch"
by Brandonn February 2, 2008
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The best fuckn side to your dish, whether you're at maccas or at a restaurant, you're gonna need some motha fukn RANCH. You need a shower... RANCH. You thirsty... RANCH. You need any loob... U NEED FUCKN RANCH.
ME: Yo, i forgot to wipe my ass this mornin after big poo poo.
FRIEND WHO's DADDY OWNS RANCH FACTORY: Yo i got you *gives him 1L tub of ranch*
by Girls That Paint March 2, 2019
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The very existence of ranch is the most wonderful thing in the world and everybody should like it
Ranch tastes better than you.
by oofskadoof May 5, 2020
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Chase looked at James and said bro that jacket is “ranch
Blake looked at Blaine as he licked his lips he said “ brooo that’s bitch is “ranch” she’s go good on anything!
by TurboTurtle December 18, 2018
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