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The only way to describe a carina is simply beautiful. She has the full package from head to toe which can make a guy go crazy by just looking at her. They are hard to find but once found you feel like you never need to look again. A carina has a heart as big as they can get and knows how to use it. Nothing can compare to the feeling you receive by just being with her. They can lift you up and put you in your place. Carina is a Cute, Adorable, Ridiculously pretty, Irresistible, Never ending amount of fun and Absolutely perfect girlfriend.

I love my Carina
Rob "Wow have you seen that girl in the striped dress?"
Rhys "Haha, you have no chance. She's out of your league."
Rob "Seriously if i dont try i will regret it forever, she is stunning. A real Carina"
by IWLYFYAME July 08, 2011
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"last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back" - Big Sean (2017)
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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REALLY HOT! but mainly beautiful. she charms guys not just with her looks but her personality. may seem quiet at first but is actually really social once you get to know her. Carina is a true friend and will always speak the truth. she is not like the other other girls in school, she definitely stands out. guys, beware that she doesnt stay single for long
for example carinas are always fun too be around.
by anthony15 November 09, 2012
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Carina is an extremely gorgeous, amazing, funny, beautiful beyond words kind old soul. Carina is one of the really rare faithful, loyal women that will go way out of her own way just to be there for her man. She expects nothing in return for her generosity except a smile, and respect. If you are lucky enough to have a Carina in your life such as I am she is without a doubt the type of woman that you drop down onto one knee and give your last name to. If your lucky enough for her to except your last name all time in an eternity would simply just not be enough. I love you Carina more than I can demonstrate into words, and am so ready to start are eternity together.
All the beauty in the world pales in comparison to Carina!!
by Vinsanity87 June 05, 2017
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Carina, A girl who is loud and very outspoken. She doesn't like drama and doesn't start drama. She is honest and always says everything like it is. A very beautiful and funny girl. When you're around her you're never sad or angry, you're always happy. She's the definition of Natural Beauty. A Carina is never seen sad or angry. She's a full package.
Me: That girl is very honest and funny.
Guy: Duh, She's a Carina.
by Daze_ July 28, 2013
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Pretty, beautiful, great personality, kind, and all in all just amazing. The best girl you could meet. You cant help but love her. Her eyes light up the room and her smile will shine in your eyes like a million stars. I love her <3
by the true love March 20, 2011
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An awesome friend who can act like shes the boss somtimes. She is very cute. She always has a guys chasing after her and only will date one at a time. But he has to be pretty lucky. Carinas are creative, Artistic and have a great sense of humor. They have great laughs and love to play around.
Guy1: Did you see Her? She is sooooo Amazing!!!!!!
Guy2: Of course! She's a carina!
by Rainydaygirl123 August 31, 2010
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