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A word given by the gods (particularly by Zeus or Athena) to describe a female humanoid that is gorgeous, smart, and caring. It is the ultimate honor to have this name, and those who do should know that they are the best. Any guy who can call themselves as being in a 'relationship' with one is the luckiest man on Earth.
Zeus: Oh my gawd, she is hot. I decree her name is now kayli.
Athena: Why isn't my name kayli?
by kaylislover October 30, 2011
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-the most beautiful girl in the world, a girl that a certain boy named noah will always be in love with and never give up.

-also a person that is a silly bannana :3
Kayli-your a turtle, im a duck, were perfect <3
by RwarRwarRwar:3 July 10, 2010
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The hottest chick EVER! She's got a Sexy Body with a nice butt and great boobs. Blue eyed Blond who is sweet when she wants but will take you out if you try to mess with her because she can throw a good punch. She isn't afraid to let you know how she feels. Loves to have the attention on her. She's super nice to girls and is always friendly. Boys want her and Girls want to be her friend
Guy 1- Hey dude did you check out Kayli?

Guy 2- Hell ya man she's hotter than hell

Guy 1- ya man your right look at the body....
by Fanta.9876 May 05, 2011
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A very gorgeous, and gracious girl, who has exquisite taste in art and fashion. Surely some one who never gives up and will put up a fight if you mess with her. She may come off as cocky and tough but when you get to know her she lightens up a bit. With her dirty blonde hair and her beautiful green and hazel eyes and amazing body, you could never miss her in a crowd. She always keeps you guessing and is very mysterious, I assure you there will always be more to find out about kayli. She’s one of a kind
“ did you see kayli in class today” “ yea she was like a flowy goddess when she walked in” “ man I wish I could be her”. “ she’s one of a kind
by Im just different July 08, 2018
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She is the weirdest and best person she is so hot and pretty. Nobody messes with kayli and is so good with Jonathan.
Did you see that girl?

Person 1* that's kayli she is so hot
Person 2* yes
by Marichweirdo May 14, 2018
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