National Peddler's Radio.

A typical radio station that always asks or peddles for money, cars or even your body when you die.
"This is ENNN PEE ARRRGHH! National Peddler Radio"

"Hi! This is Troy McClure! You may remember me from such peddling as NPR needs money! And jerry Lewis goes bankrupt..."
by Damn Damn Danno January 14, 2007
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Excellent non-profit source of news and entertainment, accused of having liberal bias but in fact the most objective and honest media source available.
Bill O'Reilly says NPR sucks up government money, but in fact they get about 2% of their money from uncle same, what a fucktard.

2%! Are you kidding me, that's like, 5 more subscribers they would need to survive....
by BrockStar November 8, 2003
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A radio station with just a little Left-wing bias, Not as bad as Air America. NPR does have some Republican-like bias such as support and sympathy for Israel. However, NPR is more of a entertainment station than a news and information. The only news shows on NPR are NPR news and BBC World News.
If you want really Liberal Opinions on the radio, listen to Air America, if you want Conservative Opinions on the radio, listen to Michael Savage or Matt Drudge. NPR is mostly just entertainment and Moderate-Left opinion.
by The Harmeister July 30, 2006
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A company hugely funded by taxpayer money, though it would work fine as a private company. Led by proven anti-semitic/racist executives who are doomed to loose their funding sooner or later.
MSNBC, FOX, and CNN do not receive free money from the government. NPR should compete as well.
by XMX97 March 10, 2011
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After bowel movement at time of wiping: no marks left on toilet tissue. Acronym for "No Paper Required".
"Beautiful!. It's always the same after a few pints of stout: comes out like it's in a bag, tapered at both ends, silky, smooth and NPR."

by Piemanius May 20, 2008
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1. the only source of truth tucked among mendatious media conglomerates.
2.a radio station that gives republicans nightmares, hopefully.
3. station containing journalists who know their shit and also have delicately cadenced voices
"wanna watch some cnn? i haven't been lied to enough today."
"nah. got a hot date with npr."
by carolyn July 16, 2003
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National Peoplesrepublic Radio. Taxpayer- and corporate-funded radio network which leans almost as far to the left as Amy Goodwin. Regular commentators have included the late Michael Harrington, founder of Democratic Socialists of America.
"I watched the Brit Hume show on Fox News last night, and two of the panelists were from NPR. But everyone says Fox is biased to the right!"

"It is. If Fox really wanted to be fair, all of their panelists would be from NPR."
by Gahmuret July 9, 2006
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