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Despite what some people may say, Fallout 3 is NOT a reskin of Oblivion. It was made by the same company and uses the same engine but Fallout 3 is much different.

It is different in that the gameplay is much different, it is a shooter mixed with an RPG. The setting is much different; Fallout 3 has a bleak science and political fiction setting while Oblivion has a Roman-era/medieval fantasy setting.

The gameplay of Fallout 3 is also more challenging, the AI is surprisingly smart and the good guy/bad guy or karma system is far more sophisticated.

And unlike in Oblivion, Fallout uses the V.A.T.S targeting system, which aids you in gun fights and unarmed and melee weapon CQCs.
People who say Fallout 3 is a reskinned version of Elder Scrolls Oblivion fail to realize that they just so happen to be made by the same developing company and use the same graphic engine.
by The Harmeister January 13, 2009

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A terrorist group led by Osama Bin Laden devoted to destroying the west, killing innocent lives of the "infidels" and making Islam and Muslims look bad.
Don't blame the majority of Muslims who only want to live peaceful lives, blame Al Qaeda and the Islamic Fundamentalists instead
by The Harmeister April 01, 2006

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Taiwan and China's real name. The Republic of China. is currently being destroyed by Communist bandits and bleeding heart DPPers.
the CCP of the mainland and the DPP (AKA: Pan-Green) of Taiwan are not legitimate governments. The Republic of China is the true China. Chen Shui-Bian and Hu Jintao must go!

China + Taiwan = Republic of China
by The Harmeister July 30, 2006

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A radio station with just a little Left-wing bias, Not as bad as Air America. NPR does have some Republican-like bias such as support and sympathy for Israel. However, NPR is more of a entertainment station than a news and information. The only news shows on NPR are NPR news and BBC World News.
If you want really Liberal Opinions on the radio, listen to Air America, if you want Conservative Opinions on the radio, listen to Michael Savage or Matt Drudge. NPR is mostly just entertainment and Moderate-Left opinion.
by The Harmeister July 30, 2006

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A great show that once brought enlightenment and renaissance to Cartoon Network before the assgiblets who lead the network decided to take it off and replace with shitty shows like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, reruns of Grim and Evil (which used to be alright until they got rid of Evil Con Carne and made it into Billy and Mandy) and Naruto...

Unlike Naruto, YYH's characters are completely unique from each other, each with his/her own back story and shortcomings. The anime even has a cool introduction where Yusuke starts off as this average Joe trouble-student who's life is changed after his life was taken away trying to a kid from a bunch of negligent drivers.
I'm getting tired of all the Billy and Mandy whoring on Cartoon Network, when are they going to show Yu Yu Hakusho...oh wait, they took it off because little wuss children wanted Naaaaruto.....
by The Harmeister December 14, 2007

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a villain from Avatar and a princess who is next in line for the title of Fire Lord after Ozai. She is a much better firebender than Zuko (thus, making Zuko her bitch and bottom) She is very evil, in fact...rumor has it that the reason she is evil is not because her her dad but because she is possessed by the spirit of Adolf Hitler; who left his dead body, wandered the world and then somehow went into a person's TV, went into the Avatar universe and impregnated Fire Lady Ursa...and that also explains the closeness of the name Azula to Adolf.
Azula is what Hitler would have been like if he were some hot Asian chick who could shoot blue flames and lightning bolts.
by The Harmeister July 10, 2008

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A once good TV channel that once aired hilarious shows like the older Rugrats, Kenan and Kel, Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, the original All That (with Kenan and Kel, and there were hilarious skits like Good Burger, Ear boy Kenan's Super Dude and Coach Kreeton) the original Doug (instead of new and dried out version made for Disney).

Now Nick's glory days on over with. The new Nickelodeon shows of Late-90's was the cataclysm for Nick's downfall when they aired half-assed, dried shows. After Half-assed shows like the Wild Thornberries, New All-That and Rocket Power were aired things just got regressivly worse for Nickelodeon, Nick tried to fight back from it's incompetence with a hilarious show like Invader Zim, but then Nick endured more shelling when Zim was cancelled.
If you think the Wild Thornberries and Rocket Power were bad, those shows are nothing compared to the complete crapapalooza they show nowadays. It is highly doubtful that Nickelodeon can recover...We should restore dignity to the once good TV network by mothballing it. It's much better than to see it living like it is now.
by The Harmeister November 18, 2006

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