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A great show that once brought enlightenment and renaissance to Cartoon Network before the assgiblets who lead the network decided to take it off and replace with shitty shows like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, reruns of Grim and Evil (which used to be alright until they got rid of Evil Con Carne and made it into Billy and Mandy) and Naruto...

Unlike Naruto, YYH's characters are completely unique from each other, each with his/her own back story and shortcomings. The anime even has a cool introduction where Yusuke starts off as this average Joe trouble-student who's life is changed after his life was taken away trying to a kid from a bunch of negligent drivers.
I'm getting tired of all the Billy and Mandy whoring on Cartoon Network, when are they going to show Yu Yu Hakusho...oh wait, they took it off because little wuss children wanted Naaaaruto.....
by The Harmeister December 14, 2007
The protagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He disguises himself as a Buddhist monk to hide his communist/maoist inclinations. He is racist against Fire Nation people except for self-loathing Fire Nation traitors like Iroh and Zuko. Aang is a terrorist who constantly attacks Fire Nation soldiers for doing their jobs and trying to bring peace to the Avatar World.
It is a well known fact that if you want to be an avatar, you have to a registered member of the Earth, Water, Fire, Kyoshi communist parties. Aang was allowed to be an avatar because he's a communist
by The Harmeister April 9, 2008
Taiwan and China's real name. The Republic of China. is currently being destroyed by Communist bandits and bleeding heart DPPers.
the CCP of the mainland and the DPP (AKA: Pan-Green) of Taiwan are not legitimate governments. The Republic of China is the true China. Chen Shui-Bian and Hu Jintao must go!

China + Taiwan = Republic of China
by The Harmeister July 31, 2006
Extrememly liberal democrats who believe the world should run on peace and love, when really in reality eternal peace and love is impossible due to human nature. They are very, very anti-military. They support gays but those idiots discredit veterens, heck they even probably even think Servicemen should be kicked on the streets to starve. Those retards believe government to forcefully enter homes to confiscate weapons (Guns, Knives) from the citizenry. Also, those condomcrats believe that we should replace military buildings with federally funded whorehouses and gay clubs.
They believe that peace and love with everyone, even hostile nations that will always hate us and be a threat to us is more important than American Nationalism and Solidarity.

Famous Condomcrats- Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy.
by The Harmeister June 8, 2005
A pedophillic Asiaphile's wet dream. She is a cute Chinese girl from the Tekken series, she is a red guard and High school student.

Ling Xiaoyu is a favorite character among pervert.
When you are playing Tekken 4 and Ling Xiaoyu is wearing her cheongsam or school girl outfit, try to kick her in the air....you'll know what I'm talking about ;-D
by The Harmeister March 23, 2007
A radio station with just a little Left-wing bias, Not as bad as Air America. NPR does have some Republican-like bias such as support and sympathy for Israel. However, NPR is more of a entertainment station than a news and information. The only news shows on NPR are NPR news and BBC World News.
If you want really Liberal Opinions on the radio, listen to Air America, if you want Conservative Opinions on the radio, listen to Michael Savage or Matt Drudge. NPR is mostly just entertainment and Moderate-Left opinion.
by The Harmeister July 30, 2006
There were two version of SMB 2 released. The original version, released in 1986 was a slightly graphically enhanced and even more difficult version of the first game. It was only released in Japan because it was considered too difficult for many non-Japanese gamers.

The other version is remade version of a Japan-only game; Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters.

The original SMB 2 was released in America, but it was titled "Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels" which was one of the games included in Super Mario All-Stars.
The North American Super Mario Bros. 2 was fun but it was no where near as challenging as the Japanese version. I played the Japanese version on Super Mario All-Stars, but even with that, it's still not as challenging, since in the All-Star version, the game saves as you progress and if you got a game over, you could restart on the exacty you are on. In the real Japanese version, you probably had to go back to the very beginning if you got a game over.
by The Harmeister January 20, 2009