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The primary radio source of liberal propaganda in the United States.

Unlike its commercial imitator, Air America, National Peoplesrepublic Radio (NPR, alias "National Public Radio") knows there isn't enough demand for its services to make it commerically viable (the extreme left being a tiny minority in the United States). Therefore, it will continue to function on donations, government subsidies, and grants from large corporations. Many of these corporations are involved in industries which the audience detests, proving Lenin's point about capitalists selling the ropes which will be used in their hangings.
At least National Peoplesrepublic Radio has decent music programming, which is more than I can say for Air America. You also can bet on being within range of a National Peoplesrepublic Radio station, too.
by Gahmuret July 02, 2006
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Two United States Senators with very different backgrounds and accomplishments:

1) Joseph McCarthy. Vilified by liberals since the 1950's for his investigations into Communist infiltration of the U.S. government, but was later vindicated when the Russian government released secret KGB documents after the Soviet Union collapsed. "McCarthyism" is named after him.

2) Eugene McCarthy. Ran for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination in 1968 and opposed the war in Vietnam.
"I'm giving you an 'F' on your paper on Senator McCarthy."

"But, professor, I worked really hard on it!"

"Yes, I know, but you wrote about the wrong one."
by Gahmuret January 21, 2007
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In the United States, "McCarthyist" is what liberals call people who openly express anti-communist opinions.
I wrote a report on _The Black Book of Communism_, and my professor called me a McCarthyist.
by Gahmuret June 29, 2006
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The Neo-Pagan fundamentalism. Adherents, known as Paganazis, operate under the delusion that the United States is a Christian theocracy, or that Presiden Bush is a theocrat; additionally, Paganazis frequently living in a debilitating fear about "the Religious Right," which some even call "the Religious Reich".
Despite the fact that no one in America has lost the right to vote or gone to prison for failing to convert to Christianity, Paganazism continues to thrive in the Pagan community.
by Gahmuret June 25, 2006
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National Peoplesrepublic Radio. Taxpayer- and corporate-funded radio network which leans almost as far to the left as Amy Goodwin. Regular commentators have included the late Michael Harrington, founder of Democratic Socialists of America.
"I watched the Brit Hume show on Fox News last night, and two of the panelists were from NPR. But everyone says Fox is biased to the right!"

"It is. If Fox really wanted to be fair, all of their panelists would be from NPR."
by Gahmuret July 09, 2006
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Possessing the ability to conceive reasonable criteria that would prove one's cherished beliefs to be mistaken, or that would show an idea one finds repulsive to actually be true. Often mistaken for "empty-headed" or "indecisive" by many empty-headed and indecisive people.
1. Chuck's an open-minded guy. He saw Fahrenheit 911 and Fahrenhype 911 before voting in the 2004 election.

2. Liberals like to pretend they're open-minded, but they're every bit as prejudiced as anyone else.
by Gahmuret June 29, 2006
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A liberal radio network trying to do on commercial radio what NPR (National Peoplesrepublic Radio) has been doing on the non-commercial end of the FM spectrum since the early 1970's. Ironically, "Air America" has also been the name of the CIA's (Central Intelligence Agency) private airline since 1959.
"Is Air America still around?"

"Which 'Air America' are you talking about?"
by Gahmuret July 13, 2006
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