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Mythical post-9/11 disease carried by young girls. Replaces cooties.
"Bug off, Susie! I don't want your skankthrax!
by Gahmuret July 22, 2006
"I'm John Kerry, and I voted for this definition before I voted against it."
by Gahmuret July 9, 2006
The primary radio source of liberal propaganda in the United States.

Unlike its commercial imitator, Air America, National Peoplesrepublic Radio (NPR, alias "National Public Radio") knows there isn't enough demand for its services to make it commerically viable (the extreme left being a tiny minority in the United States). Therefore, it will continue to function on donations, government subsidies, and grants from large corporations. Many of these corporations are involved in industries which the audience detests, proving Lenin's point about capitalists selling the ropes which will be used in their hangings.
At least National Peoplesrepublic Radio has decent music programming, which is more than I can say for Air America. You also can bet on being within range of a National Peoplesrepublic Radio station, too.
by Gahmuret July 3, 2006
The opposite of open-minded (DUH-uh!).

Many people are under the mistaken impression that the first person who says "You're just being closed-minded" in a debate is automatically the winner; frequently, the first person who says this has simply run out of facts.

Contrary to popular belief, it's also not always bad to be closed-minded, especially towards ideas which are easily demonstrated to be false or foolish.
I'm very open-minded about space exploration, but I'm very closed-minded about doing a space walk without a spacesuit.
by Gahmuret July 5, 2006
A term used by people (i.e., communists), who think that all corporations are evil, therefore news outlets which corporations own are untrustworthy. These people are usually so far to the left that they fail to notice that the mainstream media leans to the left. This is especially ironic, since it is this leftist, liberal bias which makes mainstream networks untrustworthy -- not its "corporate ownership."
"Amy Goodman likes to whine a lot about 'corporate media.'"

by Gahmuret October 15, 2006
Islamic fundamentalism, and the most serious threat to western civilization since the rise of socialism; often confused with Islam itself in post-9/11 America.
Osama bin Ladin practices Islamism, not Islam.
by Gahmuret February 8, 2007
An ungrammatical slogan occasionally appearing on the t-shirts or bumper stickers of those who can't handle concepts too big to fit on t-shirts or bumper stickers.

The correct form is "Whom would Jesus have bombed?"; since Jesus was a first-century Jewish nationalist, the most likely answer is, "The Roman Empire."

"Who would Jesus bomb?" was undoubtedly inspired by "What would Jesus do?", a question best answered by "We'll never know. Jesus wouldn't have gotten himself into the mess you're in."
You really look sharp in that 'Who would Jesus bomb?' t-shirt -- NOT!
by Gahmuret June 29, 2006