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pl Scaffies
A Refuse Collector.
In Scotland (esp Fife and Lothians); a roadsweeper or a person who would push a two-dustbin barrow and use a broom and shovel to clear rubbish and shite off the thoroughfares.

Scaffies also used to rule their patch with a firm hands on misbehaving youths. Now the Community Police have assumed full responsibility for what was the scaffy's unofficial job - kicking litter louts' arses.
Some years ago, before modern titles like ‘hygiene consultants or pathway technicians’ for street cleaners, the cleanliness of Scotland's streets was in the very capable hands of ‘scaffies’ – the country's formidable road sweepers."

"Jist chuck it doon there, pal. The scaffy'll get it in the mornin'"

"The scaffy will kick yer erse if he sees ya droapping' that. Gonnae better pit it in the bin"

by Piemanius August 18, 2008

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Rhyming slang for "pish" Scottish
Pish from piss. Pee. Wee. etc
from verb: to urinate.

"I'm burstin' for a Lillian Gish."
"I'm going for a gish. Anyone want one?".
"Single fish" sometimes used in lieu of Lillian Gish.
by Piemanius March 06, 2007

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The brown marks left, below waterline, on the white porcelain after a particularly messy dump.

(Sometimes only removable with brush and boiling water).
OK. C'mon, own up. Who's tank-tracked the bog?

Sorry guys. That curry got the better of me. I've tank-tracked the toilet.

There are tank tracks in the toilet. Who is responsible?
by Piemanius May 20, 2008

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Wee fat fucker.
Gotta be someone who is short and squat.
Relevant only to some parts of Scotland.
While waiting in the queue for my McDonald's some WFF barged me to the side, obviously in greater need than me.
by Piemanius March 05, 2007

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After bowel movement at time of wiping: no marks left on toilet tissue. Acronym for "No Paper Required".
"Beautiful!. It's always the same after a few pints of stout: comes out like it's in a bag, tapered at both ends, silky, smooth and NPR."

by Piemanius May 20, 2008

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