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Excellent non-profit source of news and entertainment, accused of having liberal bias but in fact the most objective and honest media source available.
Bill O'Reilly says NPR sucks up government money, but in fact they get about 2% of their money from uncle same, what a fucktard.

2%! Are you kidding me, that's like, 5 more subscribers they would need to survive....
by BrockStar November 07, 2003

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alternate pluralization of the singular noun "box," as opposed to the correct "boxes," made famous by comedian brian reagan
teacher: Brian, what's the plural of
Brian: duh....i dunno
T: no Brian, it's "oxen." Now Brian, what's the plural of "box?"
B: uh...."boxen," I bought two "boxen" of doughnuts.
by BrockStar July 22, 2003

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An explitive used as an expression of aggrevation in the online gaming community
fuckzors! U s7013 ma kill U noob!111 I pwn U
by BrockStar June 11, 2003

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Advertising logo for dell, prior to "the interns."
Was arrested for possestion of marijuana.
dude, you can't represent dell, everyone knows marijuana is a GATEWAY drug
by BrockStar July 22, 2003

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a suffix commonly used in the online gaming community, can be added to any word, regardless of source or context
-can also be used in a normal conversation for the purpose of making fun of people who actually use this
fuckzors, these noobzors are all hax0rzors.
by BrockStar June 11, 2003

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One who has attained a level a brockstardome, a being at the height of coolness
You can't be, I'm a BrockStar;
I'm rhyming on top of a copcar,
Like a rebel in my fo-fo popstar.
by BrockStar July 24, 2003

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the act of killing a baby, commonly followed up by posthumous rape and/or barbecue
when the judge told me I was being charged with infantcide, I responded "I swear judge, I didn't know she was 3"
by BrockStar June 11, 2003

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