This is a chinese slang, which is the initials for “Ni Ma Si Le” which means your mom’s dead. Often used in curses for online/real life arguments.
A: You’re nothing but a keyboard fighter, suck it.
by BlahMaster July 19, 2018
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The word "NMSL" is a pinyin(Chinese typing/pronunciation system) abbreviation of the Chinese phrase "你妈死了", which translates to "You mother died". The word is used as an insult mainly online and is a part of modern Chinese internet culture. The word gained popularity when mainland Chinese people, mostly teens, circulated government censorship to post pro-China propaganda on western social media and used this word to insult people who said anything negative about China
A(In a post): #StandwithHongkong
B(in comments): NMSL

A: Taiwan is an independent country:

A: China is suppressing human rights, the government has...\
by #StandwithHongkong October 7, 2019
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The abbreviation of "Never Mind the Scandal and Libel".(First time used by a famous Chinese rapper Sun Dog in his famous song "Showtime").
Kris Wu NMSL.
by #97 July 31, 2018
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Α Chinese word stand for “your mom is dead”. Often used in internet when people are angry.
If you had α bad game, and you think someone did really poor on that game. You can tell them “NMSL”.
by WeirdAnimal June 5, 2018
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It is a word to oppose someone who possesses unhealthy point.You can type NMSL to argue his nonsense.
#97,never mind the scandal and libel,NMSL.
by #97NMSL August 16, 2018
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This slang comes from Chinese SNS ,which means Never Mind the Scandal and Liber.
Created by the fans of Cai Xukun,a famous Chinese idol.
by stanwithlp July 31, 2018
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The abbreviation of "Kan Shen Me Kan, Ni Ma Si Le", which means "What the fuck are you looking at? Your mother is dead!"
Originally said by a Chinese gay guy named Yingting Zhou, when he was defending his Taiwanese pop idol Jolin Tsai. This sentence and Yingting Zhou got famous in various Chinese forums, eventually Chinese gays created an online persona, a female version of Yingting Zhou, named Yinting Zhou (周阴婷). Soon some Chinese gays started photoshopping Yingting Zhou's face on various pictures and telling people this is Yinting Zhou, and constantly subtitled "KSMK, NMSL".
I saw a guy peek at me yesterday, and I immediately yelled back "KSMK, NMSL", just as fierce as Yinting Zhou.
by Sibiriingerel November 30, 2019
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