The term SNS generally refers to a Social Networking System or the platform that it is served on (Social Networking Software).
SNS Services:
MySpace, Friendster, Linked In, Orkut
SNS Software:
Groove, Blaxxun, Drupal
by Leming August 25, 2005
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allana: i eat alot of chips

jasmine: yeah its because your fat sns (sorry not sorry)
by dropnroll November 20, 2016
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Girl 1: Why won't you take your jacket off? Are you cold?

Girl 2: No... this shirt doesn't hide SNS at all...

Girl 1: Oh, gotchya.. Yeah, keep your jacket on, don't blind anyone with your high beams...
by marrymack January 29, 2010
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Screenshot N Send. Commonly used when someone DM’s a meme from a private Instagram account. The receiver will reply β€œsns” to let the sender know they don’t follow that account and need to be sent a screenshot of the meme.
β€œsns I don’t follow that account”
by Mkat February 11, 2019
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An abbreviation for "shit and shower." The act of defecating prior to a shower, usually in preparation for something one would like to be relaxed for.
"Hey you wanna chill out tonight and watch a movie?"

"Yeah sure. I'm just gonna S n' S and we'll pick one out."
by SweatyPalmsPete July 10, 2008
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