HEHEH....Brandon got fucking butt fucked last night! SNS!
by Jax Rose July 21, 2011
The term SNS generally refers to a Social Networking System or the platform that it is served on (Social Networking Software).
SNS Services:
MySpace, Friendster, Linked In, Orkut
SNS Software:
Groove, Blaxxun, Drupal
by Leming August 25, 2005
allana: i eat alot of chips

jasmine: yeah its because your fat sns (sorry not sorry)
by dropnroll November 21, 2016
Short Nigga Syndrome

When niggas of a certain height, mainly 5"10 and under, move extremely mad.
This is a result of their small, compacted bodies not being to withhold so much anger and emotion resulting in frequent burst of temporary and in terrible cases, permanent bursts of madnesses
Loz:“Sis nahhh this niggas really doing his head, legs doing one corner, idk what’s wag1 with him ”
Chardonnay :“Babe whats his height Loz:“5 "10"
Chardonay :“Nahh babe you need to cut that’s some SNS shit best check his ass into an asylum ”
Girl 1: Why won't you take your jacket off? Are you cold?

Girl 2: No... this shirt doesn't hide SNS at all...

Girl 1: Oh, gotchya.. Yeah, keep your jacket on, don't blind anyone with your high beams...
by marrymack January 30, 2010
Saturday Night Special, particularly good pictures posted on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com on saturday nights.
by eeeeeagle November 21, 2009
SNS = South nigga shit.
Basically, when somebody is doing something bizarre and/or stupid, it's safe to assume he's either from the south or has been heavily influenced by the region.
When you see a guy pondering the age old question, "what's 13-50?". That's just SNS.
When you see a guy on a date with his cousin. That's just SNS.
When you see a guy feeding a raccoon. Best believe that's some SNS.
by Dezvjosh April 30, 2016