Zhou is a Chinese surname originated from the Zhou dynasty. The 15th most popular Chinese surname. Mostly spoken as “zhu, zoo, ju.” Pronounced “joe.”
周written in Chinese.
Person1: hey are you Zhu?
Zhou: no I am ZHOU
by Erika ling July 4, 2019
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Zhou is a Asian family last name. Originated from China and the Zhou dynasty. It’s one of the most common names in the Chinese Asian community. Asian surname
Person: hey is that guy’a last name Zhou?
Person2: yeah that’s his last name.
by Erika ling July 4, 2019
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Zhou is for very asian. Mainly ends in a name like Jesse or James. Originated from the Zhou dynasty. Very asian, chink.
by Jesse Zhou March 16, 2008
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A Name to describe crazy gay men. Zhou's are hairy, Muscley, and Wear their glasses on the tip of their nose. They talk with wisconsinite accents, on purpose, and make silly silly faces.
Person#1 "Look at that Zhou over there."
Person#2 "That one?... He's coming over here, OH GOD HE SAW US!"

by Chickeny nipple necks January 17, 2009
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Loves Japanese, all things Japanese, especially girls. Preferred to have sex in the living room, never uses condoms because he is such a bad ass. For a Chinese guy likes using words like 'nigga'. Overall a cool guy but the problem is he is not often honest.
He's such a aaron zhou, he's having sex without condoms!
by chennyboy June 6, 2017
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Bitcoin Slang, Your positions are automatically liquidated
due to insufficient trading balance after a margin call.
This occurs when trading using "leverage buying" at high levels 5:1 or 10:1
The large swings in the Bitcoin exchange rates can force automated margin selling, when the Broker sells out the customer without notice.
I Just Got "ZHOU TONGED"!.... lost it all on a margin call.
by http://www.ZhouTonged.com April 9, 2013
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Zhou Yanchen is the most humble,respectful,gentle and sweetest guy you’ll ever come to know.

Zhou Yanchen Was on Idol producer and was 21st when it came to the top 20 eliminations!
Yanchen Deserved Better and Still does to this day.

Zhou Yanchen is in love with Ding Zeren

Zhou Yanchen stole the suns job.

“I don’t smoke I don’t drink I brush my teeth everyday “ - Zhou Yanchen 2018
Zhou Yanchen, Do you mean the Sun?
by zhuxingjie July 9, 2018
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