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Kris Wu
Kris Wu
by Taenun April 5, 2022
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It is a popular adjective for small toothpick-like penis on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform).

It was created by Weibo users based on the recent rape allegations towards the popular singer/actor Kris Wu. According to one of his victim, Kris Wu likes to ask girls he sleeps with whether or not he has a large penis.
Kris: Oops, my penis is too big, sorry if it hurts you.

Doodoo: Oh, don’t worry, it’s very Kris Wu.
by I love Rakan July 19, 2021
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A Chinese-born Canadian rapper who is popular but not well-acknowledged.

Many people both inside and outside of China, but particularly in China where he is most popular, constantly mock him, even going so far as to go onto youtube (which is blocked in China) and write the nastiest harshest comments about him and make personal attacks against him.

People who hate him are usually just jealous of his success, and dislike him for being a humble, soulful person beneath that 'bad boy' appearance.

The mocking of him online by mostly Chinese netizens has made him all the more popular.
Kris Wu is slick, cool, and coming to a place near you.
by sillyjojo October 14, 2020
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A very attractive Chinese man who used to be in the group EXO. However he realised how much SM suck and left to do stuff on his own. He's now an extremely talented, successful man who has starred alongside Rihanna and Cara Delevigne in movies and has a song about juice.
Girl A: wow have you seen that movie?

Girl B: yes. I literally only went for Kris Wu
by Iloveexo August 29, 2017
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performing sexual relations without consent using GHB on females (including minors)
Hey bro, let's pull a Kris Wu on these girls. Leave those girls alone, don't pull a Kris Wu on them.
by PomeloNDCho August 7, 2021
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