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A young and talented pop star who pretends to know how to rap.

Born in China, he and his mother moved to Vancouver when he was 10. During his career, this young star from Canada is striving to spread Chinese hiphop culture utilizing the K-pop skills he learned from the company SM Entertainment, which is located in South Korea with the language of English.

On a show named Rap of China, he generated the idea to use skr as an adjective to describe one's rapping skills are brilliant. Noticed he be tripping so hard, the users of Hupu (a Chinese local sports forum) began to discuss about him and his unprofessional behaviors as a tutor on the TV show Rap of China. Kris became angry and sent a really weak diss track to fight back the rappers and real hip-hop fans in China five days later.
A: Ay, you ever heard of Kris Wu?
B: You mean the pop star?
A: Yep. His rap skills don't match with his face. I would rather listen to Jackson Wang.
by Creepy Sausage July 31, 2018
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A very attractive Chinese man who used to be in the group EXO. However he realised how much SM suck and left to do stuff on his own. He's now an extremely talented, successful man who has starred alongside Rihanna and Cara Delevigne in movies and has a song about juice.
Girl A: wow have you seen that movie?

Girl B: yes. I literally only went for Kris Wu
by Iloveexo August 31, 2017
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