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Term used to refer to buff/ripped males. Beefcakes are usually good-looking and enjoy displaying their muscles to the masses.
I wanna get me some beefcake!
by Narcissus November 02, 2004

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The C7, made by Diemaco, is the Canadian Forces version of the M16. The C7 also has a fully automatic mode unlike the M16 which is limited to burst modes.
American Sargent "Switch to F/A boys! We're storming the building!"
American Troop "But Sarge, we don't have that mode anymore."
American Sargent "Well ya should have knocked out one of Canucks and taken their C7 eh?!"
by Narcissus July 13, 2004

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An abbreviation for a cannabis growing technique known as Screen of Green. when ScroGing a plant is grow up from underneath a sheet of chickenwire or something similar and using LST (low-stress traing) to bend the growths back down under the wire producing an even canopy of buds.
"I got 2 ounces off my first ScroG!"
by Narcissus July 13, 2004

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A term best known as being used by the band Mindless Self Indulgence. A mix of wicked and gay, thus wicked gay! It's a good thing.
Honey, I'm ALWAYS wicked gay!
by Narcissus November 02, 2004

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An exclaimatory German expression translating into "bloody hell".
The german farmer screams "VERDAMMT" as his horse poos humongously onto his new car.
by Narcissus December 10, 2004

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Literally meaning sharpshooter in German but also means sniper, even though they are two different things. A sharpshooter is a very well trained marksman, whereas a sniper is everything a sharpshooter is but is also trained in stealth techniques used to sneak up to a position where he/she can fire upon their target.
Feuer frei auf der scharfschütze!
(Open fire on the sniper!)
by Narcissus November 27, 2004

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A SoG or "Sea of Green" is a growing technique used by many cannabis growers which maximizes the amount of plants which can be grow in an area, usually four per square foot. In SoG the focus isn't on getting the largest yield and most colas that you can off of one plant, the idea is to focus one the on large cental cola and maybe a few small other colas. Clones from a mother plant are suggested for SoG grows.
"I'd love to do a SoG, I hear the yields are huge!"
by Narcissus July 13, 2004

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