13 definitions by super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ

1. A homeless person.
2. British/Australian equivalent of "butt".
3. To fuck someone up the arse.
A bum bummed me up the bum.
A mispronunciation of Kim Jong-Il, usually resulting from a font where the uppercase I and lowercase L are identical making the "il" look like the Roman numeral II. Surprisingly not yet used by Bush, although it's only a matter of time.
Kim Jong the Second is a North Korean dictator with a bad haircut.
SUPER MAGNETIC NIU-NIU (aka Neo), star of the Dreamcast game of the same name.

Also apparently some guy on the SA forums who was apparently banned by Captain Rectum Licker. I mean, Lowtax.
FYI: Lowtax is a closet scientologist.
A person who posts someone's name to urbandictionary.com as a definition of an insult.