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1. A homeless person.
2. British/Australian equivalent of "butt".
3. To fuck someone up the arse.
A bum bummed me up the bum.

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Swimming birds (Sula fiber or S. sula) related to the common gannet, and found in the West Indies, nesting on the bare rocks.
Guy 1: "Check out those boobies!"
Guy 2: "Where?"
Guy 1: "Over there, nesting on the bare rocks of the West Indies!"
Guy 2: "...I hate you."

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A person who posts someone's name to urbandictionary.com as a definition of an insult.
by super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ September 14, 2003

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Japanese equivalent of either "awesome" or "awful". Most frequently used to mean the former, at least among westerners.
Chu chu rocketo, rocketo su-go-i.

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A mispronunciation of Kim Jong-Il, usually resulting from a font where the uppercase I and lowercase L are identical making the "il" look like the Roman numeral II. Surprisingly not yet used by Bush, although it's only a matter of time.
Kim Jong the Second is a North Korean dictator with a bad haircut.

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An erotic pachinko game.
For every sexy action there is an equal and opposite sexy reaction.

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Posh for knob.

The above is an obscure reference to Harry Enfield or something.
"Penise?" "It's posh for knob."
by super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ September 22, 2003

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