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A NIGEL (usually written in capital letters) is a name for a person who is unbelievably fantastic that everyone should know or already knows about that person.
A NIGEL AFFECT (once again, written in capitals) is the name for a particular person who is unbelievably fantastic AND can win against anyone at anything.
"Whoa! You're just like a NIGEL!"
"I think you have a NIGEL AFFECT!"
by Vincent21 July 10, 2008
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Nigel is...what is he? He can be mean, selfish, flawed in so many shallow ways, but then you go deeper. Something is in him, something about the way he sees the world. Hes self conscious is all, he struggles to fit in and to breathe in air thats being taken up by so many others. Its the way his jaw curves, his eyes- the way they set on you in such deep intensity at those rare moments. Its his dark hair, his deep voice, his laugh, flaws, jealousy, secrets, beauty, everything. THATS what Nigel is.
Person: Who is that sitting over there?

Me: oh, thats Nigel.

Person: Could you stop staring?
by thatgirlemma August 28, 2013
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a black or Australian preppy kid who's fucking skills are superb. Upon encountering a Nigel have a box of condoms on hand because your attempts to resist his sexiness will be futile! Although rare, it is possible to become pregnant from having a conversation with a Nigel so proceed with caution.
Girl 1: Oh Nigel! I'm cumming!
Nigel: Um I'm not even touching you.....
Girl 2: Dam son Nigel got skills!
by September 20, 2010
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A increasingly uncommon Latin-based name derived from Neil. Meanings include "Champion" and "Black". Can be shortened to 'Nige'.
1. Nigel, he's a champ.
2. ZOMG Nigel has alot of friends.
by Ranger 37 August 20, 2006
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The result of a nuclear bomb fusing Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Method Man, Bruce Lee, Slayer'S_Boxer, Chuck Norris, Godzilla, Robby Templeton, Dennis Rodman, Michael Jackson, a few Grues, Optimus Prime, Jeff Staple, Barack Obama, Chris Rock, Megatron, Gandalf, Sauron, Vernon Davis, Frieza, Batman, Indiana Jones, Don Juan, Godzilla 2000, Destroya, the Terminator, all the Power Rangers Wolverine, and the Beast.
and then there was nigel
by optimusnick94 October 29, 2007
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Someone visible in a photograph but who was not meant to be in it - i.e. a picture of a group of friends has a random person walking past in the background with a funny expression. Origins - Fantasy Football (mid 1990's TV programme) feature about how Nigel Clough would always try to sneak into the camera shot. Usually used in the context 'doing a Nigel'. Kudos is always given to 'Nigels' with funny facial expressions or particularly if you can deliberately 'Nigel' someone else's photo.
Look at that old lady doing a Nigel in my photo of the Eiffel Tower.


I just Nigel'd that wedding photo.
by LadyChablis June 13, 2010
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