A NIGEL (usually written in capital letters) is a name for a person who is unbelievably fantastic that everyone should know or already knows about that person.
A NIGEL AFFECT (once again, written in capitals) is the name for a particular person who is unbelievably fantastic AND can win against anyone at anything.
"Whoa! You're just like a NIGEL!"
"I think you have a NIGEL AFFECT!"
by Vincent21 July 11, 2008
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sad mother fucker that searches peoples names on urban dictionary and has a fake hotmail account of a guy with a six pack to pick up chicks
whos that sad case, oohh its just nigel
by TROLLOLOLOLOLO June 19, 2011
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When fuck things up so bad that you can't figure out WTF you did. Then get frustrated with world!
Damn I have been Nigeled and Now I hate you.
by Captain tickler August 30, 2017
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An ailment that prevents the afflicted from attending work. Over a period of time the sufferer concocts increasingly unlikely stories of obscure medical complaints that keep them from work, whilst strangely maintaining their ability to participate in physical outdoor pursuits, like say mountaineering.
When contacting their workplace to report their absense, the sufferer often greatly embelishes the details of their complaint in order to raise plausibility, whilst ironically achieving the exact opposite.
Mary: "Did you notice Fred is sick again."
Tom: "Really? What's wrong with him this time?"
Mary: "Nigelitis"
Tom: <shakes head>
by udu_ May 23, 2009
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When you do something by yourself. The art of being a nigel.
Alex: Hey, where are you? *on the phone*
Me: I'm studying in the library bro.
Alex: Ahh, is anyone else with you?
Me: Nah. I'm totally nigelated man. :(
Alex: Haha you nigel!!
by MOD^2 November 2, 2007
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Compassionate. Friendly but sometimes bully. Has difficulty in expressing her feelings vocally. Hates confontations. Willing to sacrifice everything for love. Masochist.
You are such a nigelle
by Anonymous87665412 July 11, 2014
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To be excluded from a group

I believe it came from Australia
Often used by young people in US to mean someone is/was excluded from a group usually as soft punishment
He's been so nigellated, he never even asks to go with us anymore.
by DocBrown March 1, 2005
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