A contemptible and depraved individual, one whose actions are an embarrassment to himself and/or others.
That kid is a level SR130 on Halo 4 and it's only been out for a month. What a sad case.

That kid spends half his days on Facebook rummaging through his news feed. What a sad case.

That girl cares about what people say on Facebook. What a sad case.
by MrKapper Is Back December 29, 2012
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a looser, a fool, a badly dressed individual.
"look at the sad case,hawaian shirts went out with the dinosaurs"
by Victoria Finney July 29, 2005
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Words used when something sucks, or you're disappointed. Can also be used with the word shawg for added effect.
Person #1: "Man, I have so much homework tonight!"

Person #2: "Sad Case..."

"Shawg guy, sad case..."
by JaBridge May 25, 2007
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Sad case is mostly used by females with the name Julia, Or Tressa. Sad case meaning something is very tragic and is impossible to do even though you want to.
Girl: Come and see me
Guy: Thats a sad case. You live states away.
by Zycic March 08, 2020
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Sad case~ meaning what you are doing or what happened is a little funny but not the best thing this word is meant to be a joke and not a harm full word
by Randy Davison February 01, 2018
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