Collegiate is a place where guys can hang out with girls freely, and enjoy each others company. This is contrary to Collegiate's rival school, St. Christophers where all they have time to do is gloat about how pretty each others flowing hair and matching fluorescent costumes look, because there are no girls to do this job. The life of a Collegiate student is a life lived to the fullest, dominating in outstanding athletic and academic achievements, as well as dominating the competition on having a good time, which is why the Saint Catherine's girls join the Collegiate girls, leaving the boys to give each other their own kind of fun.
Collegiate Guy: Man, doesn't it feel good knowing that we aced that test?
Collegiate Guy 2: Yeah, but this St. Catherine's girl made me feel a whole lot better last night, in the saddle.
by mordechai September 28, 2005
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High school student, usually a sophomore or junior, who visits college campuses periodically throughout the year. They are usually accompanied by parents and younger siblings and travel in small groups. They invade dining halls, bookstores, libraries and gyms. Collegies are characterized by sense of displacement and bewilderment. The brave ones will ask for directions, but most of them stand around with parents looking stupid.
Today at the dining hall there were three groups of Collegies that were wandering around aimlessly.
by Charger 69 & Patches February 1, 2010
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The relationship between co-workers working towards a common goal. Owing each other a higher sense of treatment because of said co-worker stance.
Smell my vagina"..."NO, that crosses the line of collegiality!
by Big Mexican Papa Luke February 25, 2011
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another sucky richmond private school that thinks its okay so totaly ruin middle school girl-boy relationships by seperating the girls and boys witch causes to eventually ruin high school because theyre all prude.
freeman boy: i fucked shelby last night!
collegiate boy: oh gosh. we kissed!
by collegiatesucks July 30, 2006
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To do with a College atmosphere ie: Spring break Students or a Campus, as defined by a high school teenager while touring a University campus or beach...
I went the beach but the people were so Collegy.
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Music done by college students involving only voices and no instruments. Usually sounds stupid and worse than the original hits because the performers are drunk and care more about getting laid. There are some good groups, but mostly just a soloist sucking and the rest of the group going "doo-doo."
Kayne West: Yo Off the Beat, I'm really happy for you guys, and I'm gonna let you finish, but the original artists had better versions of the songs you covered.

Ivygate blog: Worst College A Cappella group is Chord on Blues

Oscar Wilde: Collegiate A Cappella? Sounds like getting dildo up my ass.
by MusicLover4life December 14, 2009
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Phoenix is such a shit school tmmm getting reports for no reason the food is dry and nasty and they charge u like £1.80 for food 💀they only give £2.30 for free school meals 😢 the teachers are nasty 😍
"I'm going to Phoenix collegiate!"
"U gonna go to therapy too?"
by Bigmanmrsmith October 11, 2021
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