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Undemocratic and highly corrupt college sports league that exploits students and places money-making ahead of true and pure competition. NCAA football actually rewards teams for past history and their school name (also a perpetual cycle of racial discrimination in hiring). Preseason polls, commercial exploitation, Title IX, academic cheating, and coaching scandals are just a few of the unsavory aspects of the NCAA.
Jim's earning potential went downhill when he broke his leg during an NCAA football game. If only he wasn't a walk-on and had some sort of insurance plan from his college. The NCAA used Jim like toilet paper.
by Chuck Kyle January 01, 2008

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University of Second Choice
University of Snobby Cunts
University of Sucking Cocks
University of Spoiled Children
University of Silly Caucasians
University of Sassy Cumguzzlers

A second-rate university for elitists located on gang territory within the perimeter of Los Angeles in California.

Academics are not as solid as the USC grad would like one to believe. Overall slightly better than the CSU and slightly below the top UC schools (UCSB, UCB, UCLA). Admissions are heavily tied to legacy and family donations.

A decent athletic program, however.
Ethan is an incoming USC student whose parents gave $100,000 to the school when he was a high school junior. Suffice to say, he was awarded early admission. At least he'll watch some decent football when the fall semester begins. He might actually get a 4.0 even with his mental retardation.
by Chuck Kyle January 01, 2008

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Someone (usually male) who makes their way across the world in terms of sexual encounters.
Jimmy is a worldly guy. He's banged women from Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Tasmania, South Africa, and Canada. "Around-the-World" refers to one women from each of the six populated continents. This signifies true pimp status in the mind of many red-blooded males.
by Chuck Kyle January 04, 2008

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