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A very cool and calm person until you get him angry, He is a very Mature guy in a relationship and also funny sometimes weird, loved by all hated by some handsome and kinda cute, last doesn’t give a shit what people say he’s never worried, so if you meet a Nasir get to know him he’s pretty cool.
by Nataliafreeman June 04, 2018
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there always those handsome caring guys who just go with the flow and are secretly adored by all
That guys name is so nasir
by Amanda cheene May 23, 2011
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nasir is an amazing guy who usually cares for all. he loves more than he should and most likely gets nothing in return. although he is selfish he seems to make everyone laugh. nasir is a guy who smells like coconuts. he is very short tempered and arrogant. if you have a friend nasir you should hold on tight because he is a ride or die. nasir is very charming and knows how to talk to girls not only that but he is the sexiest guy you will ever meet.
nasir and i broke up last week and it’s just weird because he won’t stop trying to get back with me.
by nasir June 11, 2018
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helper or one who gives victory very smart and handsome caring and very loving everything you can ask for in a man
by Queen Jamariah April 23, 2018
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who is that guy?Nasir

Nasir is very hot,he does not give a shit about a girls personalty only her looks. Nasir is the type of guy that believe in love at first sight and every one knows that u have to get to know a person before u like them. Nasir is the type of person who don't give a shit what people think about him ,he just care when people is talking shit about him behind his back. Nasir is the type person who would cheat and like it, but if u cheat he would get pretty angry,he's also a very good liar don't ever trust a Nasir,Last but not least Nasir only cares about him self.
Nasir is hot but only like a girl for her looks.,
by princesscj May 24, 2014
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