It's when something stops trending and it has passed out.
Like "Myspace" lol, nobody goes there anymore.
dude1: Hey did you see that last Angela status update?
dude2: Facebook has been myspaced, now im into Google+
by Ignition Rous July 9, 2011
When a person was once popular, but then their popularity bombed
Joe: WTF happened Tom? you just Myspaced

Tom: Shut the fuck up before i rip you're eye's out cunt!
by Lonely Tom September 8, 2012
Having taken a picture of yourself (as if to put it on Myspace or another networking website).
"I took a picture of myself standing in front of the mirror... I know, I totally myspaced."
by FutureSex February 22, 2007
It's the ultimate game of testing your ego. It becomes a competition of seeing who has the most friends, so you add everyone you've made eye contact with in the past 6 years, constantly posting bulletins telling people to comment on your NEW PICZ PLZ or die. Also a way for every garage band ever to make a Myspace Music profile without even have talent and/or experience as other bands have. Also a new place for every hott girl in the world to prove how slutty they are by making a Myspace and putting pictures of themselve's where they only have 1/5 of their clothes on with the quote under it "I used photoshop to cover my boobs, So What."
Comment on my myspace plz LOL!
by Brett January 13, 2005
A website a bunch of your friends begged you to join, so you joined it and became completely addicted. However, after about a month or so, you finally realized that even though you had thousands of friends added, you're still a loser. You tried to take pictures of your half-nude self with the camera at a shitty angle so you could get more comments, but it just wasn't working. Even after you edited out your acne and moles, you still weren't being satisfied with the attention you craved.

You eventually deleted your account because you decided you want to graduate high school with some dignity.
Some annoying freshman left a comment in my blog telling me about how her high school drop-out friend was way cooler than I'll ever be. Laughing, I deleted my MySpace account. The next day, a friend asked me why I deleted the account, and low and behold, the shit-eating freshman was standing right next to her and looking at me as if she was worthy of an answer as well.

Do yourself a favor. Delete your MySpace.
by Morbidia May 30, 2005
A social network that is superficial and analogous like facebook. People just bullshitting and bragging about what they do have. People trying to see who has more friends and please post a comment on my picture or you will die in 24 hours.

Just an extremely waste of my time. I am glad I left that website. Moreover, I am wasting my time right now acknowledging myspace, but its worth it to show my perspective so other future users will not waste their time. Life is too short and precious, enjoy the outdoors instead of trying to act cool on myspace.
What social network do a lot of people use before facebook?

Oh thats myspace.
by david faustino April 4, 2012
An error-infested shithole of a website.
Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group.
by Arai July 15, 2005