An extremely deceiving self-portrait taken from a limited number of specific angles where said person actually appears attractive. This photo style can hide such unattractive qualities as double chins, triple chins, excess “gumminess”, acne, quadruple chins, big noses, bad hair, no hair, obesity, and poor hygiene.

This effect can be quantitatively measured and is described by the following equation to solve for deceptiveness.

Deceit = (Angle of camera from horizontal) / (percentage of body shown) / (# of available profile pictures)

Note: Often taken using the reflection of a bathroom mirror.
You looked better in your myspace pic. And flush your toilet before your photo-shoot next time.
by Chief Double Click February 9, 2010
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A photo taken for myspace whereby the person has previously spent hours putting on makeup and getting the right angle so their myspace friends will think they are photogenic and so they can recieve comments on how amazing they are. Usualy taken by a myspace whore. Basically, an extreamly vain picture which is always better looking than the person.
comment my new myspace pic
by camara July 24, 2006
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code word used for decreet plans to smoke weed. usaully used when one's dad is a pig.
ay fool lets take some myspace pics at the vacant lot next door.

aight i'll bring the flash
by FTP white pride December 10, 2008
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A photo taken in front of a mirror with the camera facing the mirror reflection of the person rather than the person themselves. This photo, more often than not, includes a large white flash from the reflection of the camera's flash in the mirror.
Everyone has an infamous 'myspace pic' for at least one of their profile pictures.
by Kingaroo August 27, 2008
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Photograph taken from a cellular telephone, usually at an improbable angle. These are seperated into four main groups:
1) the emo shot from above where all of the emo's fustration and heartache is captured on his/her (usually cant tell) 300 dollar v cast phone wearing all kinds of expensive clothing belonging originally to women. surprising haircuts are a must, but dont make fun of them in a picture comment, or they'll cut themselves in their daddy's bathtub.
2)the "i scaned this photo because im not THAT into myspace (yet)" photo. usually prom pics, these are usually the ones that fuck up you friends page because they are longer than the other pics.
3)the muscle pic, disturbing if taken by a female but usually contanes a guy, mostly gay. these are slightly askew shots of skiny bodies through a mirror and usually dont contain the face bacause the men dont got no alibi they ugly, A-L-B-I they ugly....
4)this last group is just any shot of someones face, sometime smiling, other times they try to make a badass face when really they drive a mid size SUV, something lame like a KIA.......
"omgeez courtney......lets like totally like take a like myspace"
"like ok... like lets totally like do it!"
"wtf omfgeez for sure that angle is so improbable"
by Alekos part deux June 5, 2007
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When a pic, photo or image of yourself is so bad you don't want it on facebook and you know noone goes on myspace anymore.
-Dude that such bad pic of me, we'll make that a myspace pic.
-But noones on myspace anymore to see it
by Paw Lee August 6, 2012
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or myspace shot/myspace photo. A photo that commonly appears as one's myspace profile in which the photographer of the photo is taking a photo of him/herself (sometimes with friends). The photos are often at angles that attempt to flatter the subject (or at least the subject thinks so).
"Look at that lame myspace pic on her Facebook. What a n00b."
by Paclfbfbt3 August 21, 2007
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