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Male version of a motorboat but it's when a man's penis is fondled.
-"Dude, during dinner she kept grabbing my croch under the table and playing with it."
-"Bro, so she was canoe paddling you!"
by Paw Lee February 08, 2012

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a reverie indulged in while awake. Another term for daydreaming.
I didn't really feel paying attention in class so I took an imagination break and fought some ninjas, then the teacher realized I wasn't paying attention.
by Paw Lee May 23, 2011

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A person so out of shape their body has several folds of fat on it.
"Oh man, I was at the beach the other and there was a woman who should not have being wearing a bikini."
"She was that fat huh?"
"Put it this way, the amount of folds that were on her you'd think she was making origami."
"Ah Origami fat, never a good thing.
by Paw Lee June 25, 2012

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Another term for "glitter".
I was at the party and they were throwing glitter all over the place. It was like someone killed a fairy and there pixey blood every where.
by Paw Lee January 13, 2012

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When a pic, photo or image of yourself is so bad you don't want it on facebook and you know noone goes on myspace anymore.
-Dude that such bad pic of me, we'll make that a myspace pic.
-But noones on myspace anymore to see it
by Paw Lee August 06, 2012

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a reverie indulged in while awake. In other words, daydreaming.
I was at work the other day taking an imagination break and I though, "How cool it mus be to be a ninja"
by Paw Lee May 06, 2011

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Those who is a huge fans of the Dragon Ball franchise.
Dude, I'd be careful what you say about Goku, Those Dragon BallerZ love him and will go Super Saiyan on your ass.
by Paw Lee February 03, 2015

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