It is another way of saying "are you kidding"
Wife: my water broke
Husband: "are you shitting my stick"
by Lizzzssss July 20, 2017
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Surfer slang for Give me a hand job
I went to this chick on the beach and said "Wax my stick bitch"(oh you know she did)
by Darien Dotts January 5, 2007
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somebody ripped or stole your surfboard

first coined in the late seventys/ early eightys, made popular byt the surf punks in the song of the same name
whoah man, somebody ripped my stick, it was hella rad, im gunna kill that prick!
by derek minneker January 4, 2008
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get off a penis
get outta my face or in my business
guy 1:"man, come on let me see your homework"
guy 2: "get off my stick" or " get off my motherfuckin long ass fat ass five dollar foot long ass dick(penis)"
by T Wells May 8, 2008
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