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This is the word you yell at college basketball coaches when they make really stupid decisions.
"Grow some balls, ass dick!"
by pookie March 22, 2005
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the act of a female when spooning with a male, the female then positions her ass directly in alignment with the male's dick. this is usually practiced as a full proof technique to initiate sex, especially when the male is oblivious to her previous advances.
"After suffering through 3 hours of tivo'd Entourage I slipped him the assdick and we were sexin it in no time."
by MelissaVanessa October 03, 2009
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1. A compound word containing the words "ass" and "dick." When put together, it means to be the ultamite form of an idiot, jerk off, or jack ass.
2. It can also be used as an expression of excitement.
3. More commonly, it is randomly screamed out to make people look.
1. "Wow I can't believe he was going out with five other girls," said Sydney to Felicia. "He is such an assdick!"

2. "Assdick!" I yelled as the kid knocked my glass over.

3. ASSDICK! Wait what?
by sydneyg February 23, 2009
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An assdick is a penis that eminates and protrudes from the ass. Those with an assdick were either born with it, or had it surgically grafted on by a man known only as Dr. Bob.

The purpose of the assdick is to block the entrace of unwanted objects (such as other penises) into the anal cavity. When the assdick senses an incoming threat, it immediately erects to disallow entry.
OMG that fag tried to buttfuck me, but luckily my trusty assdick was able to protect my anal virginity.
by Nigpunisher June 17, 2007
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noun - A dick long enough to be tucked into the asshole slash sphincter.

adjective - a person who is enough of a jerk to be called an ass and a dick at once i.e. one who is a rude/mean and a tool at once and possibly all of the time.
Bobby Joe comes walking down the hall with his shirt collar popped and blatantly ignores Claudia when she says hello to him; she turns to her biffel Amanda and says "Wow. What an assdick."
by pandarex November 24, 2009
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People that are bigger jerks then dick but not big enough to be asshole
A: damn Richard just kicked me in the chin
B: yah he is ass dick
by xXxFiRE WiNDxXx February 24, 2015
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When your prolapsed rectum sticks out so far that when you stand sideways naked it looks like you have a dick sticking out of your ass.
"No wonder Keri's always in a foul mood, William only gives her his assdick."
by J. Addams March 09, 2007
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