This is the word you yell at college basketball coaches when they make really stupid decisions.
"Grow some balls, ass dick!"
by pookie March 22, 2005
Someone who has an ass in their dick. Also used as an insult against Gays and the Thai.
Tyrone: Yo
Bobby: What?
Bobby: Say what? I haven't got a dick stuck up my ass!
Tyrone: You're gay, and Thai! GET OUT HERE YOU MINORITY!
Bobby: :(
by 00jace no.2 February 8, 2014
People that are bigger jerks then dick but not big enough to be asshole
A: damn Richard just kicked me in the chin
B: yah he is ass dick
by xXxFiRE WiNDxXx February 25, 2015
The other night I was so ASS DICKED I could barely stand up in order to hit on Jeff.
by Robin P. February 9, 2008
A dick so good.. makes you wet when you think about it. and you can imagine it driving through you while you at a family dinner, and u gtta go masturbate
"jack! he has some bomb ass dick "

" how can i get over him with that bomb ass dick...."
by chloe.88 May 27, 2019
A dick so good it leaves you shaking afterwards. Usually belongs to a Carlitos
Damn, Carlitos gave me that bomb ass dick yesterday night. I felt like an earthquake afterwards.
by Yuhd February 10, 2021
when you see a bick ass cock and your like dayum, that mutherfucker got a big ass dick i wish i could suck that shit until it creams in my butt all night.
Hey bro you have a big ass dick, i bet you could tear my ass apart with that thing.
by AKSAFFARI January 11, 2009