when it's dark and it's your mom not your gf
Oh, mom? Dang, my bad.
by JC Murray January 11, 2016
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My bad was originally My "bag". As in the phrase; "oops, my bag, cuz". Me and my brothers would say it all the time in the 80's when it became popular. But, for all the fucked-up retards who changed it and still say My bad...........FUCK YOU, RETARDS!!!!!
"Oops, my bag cuz" (not my bad)
by donotaskquestions January 21, 2018
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The term “my bad” is a popular 1980s mispronunciation of the term my bag circa 1930 to 1995. My bag means “my mistake, my fault, my apologies”.

“My bag” was a term used when playing a game of spades. In the game, you would have to for-tell how many "books" or hands you would take. If you went over that number it was called a "bag". If you were playing with a partner it was a courtesy to claim your mistake by saying "My Bag".

Spades originated in the Midwestern United States in the late 1930s. It was said to have been invented by college students who enjoyed both Whist and Bridge. They were looking for a fast-paced game that was competitive and strategic. The game slowly spread to other college campuses but it didn't really take off until WWII brought so much of America's youth into the military. Because the game was portable, could be played by small groups, and could often be played in less than twenty minutes, its popularity mushroomed. You can still find the game online.

“My Bag” meaning “My Mistake” should not be confused with “Not My Bag.” meaning “Not My Thing.” or “What's Your Bag?” meaning “What's Your Problem?”

When I was in high-school in the 70s “my bag” meaning “my fault” was very common. Even though “my bad” is said to have come out in the 80s I had never heard it until sometime around 2008 or so.
My bad or My bag I thought I sent you an invitation.
by rawmlkmyke January 07, 2018
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When you messed up so terribly and you don't want to do anything about it
"Why did you cheat on me with your sister?" "My bad. Didn't know we were exclusive."
by oooooh weeeeee January 18, 2021
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