It essentially means you have you lost your mind? or it can be used to express your hatred or dislike for a particular activity or person, similar to kms.
"Moe's is better than Chipotle."
"Have you bumped your head?!?"

"This traffic makes me want to bump my head."

"Help! I have bumped my head and I can't get up!"
by colls42 December 04, 2013
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I phrase uttered by Kathy to express her disgust with me without actually using a swear word. Akin to "Screw you!" or "F*** you!"
Kathy - "Bump you!"

Danny - "Wow...."

Kathy - "Yeah, that's right! I said 'Bump you!'"

Danny - "Wow...."
by DV3 August 13, 2007
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An Ebonics phrase meaning "Are you going to fight?" or "Are you wanting to fight?"
"Bro, get your head out of your ass."
"You finna bump?"
"Yeah nigga, I'll take you."
by SobeJane March 20, 2015
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what u say to someone after they say something completly ridiculus or stupid
Lady- Baby, no more going to the strip clubs. its tearing us apart.

Man- did you bump yo head on a cabbage truck?
by micheal watts December 26, 2007
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The act in which someone with a large chest thrusts their upper torso towards an arrogant asshole to pump them a far distance away
You better shut your mouth, Gavin or I will bump you to Brazil.
by Caaamrrinn May 22, 2011
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To take the upper hand in a situation,
by forcing the other person to face the
consequences of your actions.

Another way of saying:

to win by making someone else the loser
to give someone the losing hand
to give someone the raw end of the deal
to give someone the short end of the stick
to give someone the runaround
to give someone the shortest straw
to give someone the shaft
to take someone to the bank
to take someone to the cleaners
to really take a bath on this one
to pull one over on someone
to kick a friend in the nuts
to get your back scratched but not scratch theirs
to bend someone over the barrel
to have someone's balls in a sling
to do someone from behind without a reach around
Two friends riding in a car in the dark
come upon a speed bump, and the driver,
with a bit of regret in his voice,
apologetically tells the passenger:

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have
to roll you over the bump on this one."

It can be used in any situation where one person
tells another that they are going to take the advantage,
and the other person is going to pay the penalty.
by dnalabkram October 03, 2009
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