32 definitions by primaverabebe

1. a positive reply or confirmation
2. a cuter way of saying yep
1. Isabelle is a rotten ho.
2. yepish!! that big time real deal >_^
by primaverabebe June 17, 2011
A cuter way of expressing warmt and affection with an overload of cuteness.
"It's a good way to start a movie with tub of popcorn and loads of lovesomeness."
by primaverabebe July 12, 2013
1. a negative reply
2. a cuter way of saying nope
A: Do I look like a dodo?
B: nopish! you suck like a gay :P
by primaverabebe June 17, 2011
Is an exclamation or strong expression of amazement, surprise, anger, pleasure, fear, frustration or any strong emotion.
1. oh my bad, Ann is a clinger ^^...
2. Holy ba! nah, she is a hoe !!
by primaverabebe April 14, 2011
Abbreviation for What the Slut
It's a exclamation of disgust, anger to the woman who open their legs for money or merely just for pleasure.

A strong word for person who seems forgetting their morals
stand for What the Slut and can be written as WTS

This can be use as an expression of surprise, disgust, anger and many more.
WTS! Ann is such an easy game girl.
by primaverabebe September 10, 2010
Its an expression or term used when someone is in an extreme disgust or distaste.
Its an interjection of surprise reaction because of something gross.
Its a cuter way or saying "yuck" "ouch" and "yikes"
A: omg, wth I don't believe in god ugh.
B: oh noes , why call him if yah don't believe in him... yanno you're sooo youchie!
by primaverabebe July 9, 2010
a cuter way of saying "rabbit"
a cute furry lil animal
yar as cute as a wabbit :
by primaverabebe February 5, 2010