I slang that white people picked up from black people but fucked it up as the original term was "My Bag". White DJ's during the 80's truggled to understand African American slang and urban hip hop culture and scambled to catch up once they saw that shit starting to make money after years of shunning it. So they tried to understand it. But being the litteral minded white devils they are, they misunderstood "My Bag" to be "My Bad" reasoning that since the term was followed by some mistake on the users part they must be saying "My Bad" and due to the fact that the media is controlled by the white devil the term became "My Bad".
White person drops the soap and says "My Bad". I forgot to kick a Crackah's ass and say "My Bag".
by Crackah Hater June 6, 2011
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A term used to say that you made a mistake and you acknowledge it.
Player A to Player B on a basketball court after Player A throws a pass away.

"My bad dawg, my bad."

This is done while pounding a clenched fist to your chest.
by 235 March 19, 2007
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Spoken when you realize you just did a major fuck-up, such as passing gas while having sex.
I hope farts turn you on, as I just blew one in your face.
by ArcticFox January 3, 2004
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The opposite of oh my goodness. When we have said or done something bad or sinful it is ones badness that had caused one to behave in such a manner.
Oh my badness! I have set the house on Fire.
by green923jade October 20, 2016
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Just say my bad g after anything, it works.
Did you just cut that guys dick off? Yeah, MY BAD G.
by JackKIndasTupid January 25, 2022
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