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A necrophilic betting game in which one participant performs oral sex on the corpse of a recently deceased pregnant woman placed on her back while another jumps from an elevated surface onto the woman's stomach. The participant who is performing oral sex then consumes whatever substance is expelled from the vagina. The participants switch positions (one jump per turn) until one quits or fails to consume the expelled substance, in which case they lose and the winner takes the pot of money agreed upon before the start of the game.
James and Matt went murphing. James puked on the second round so Matt won $5000.
by En_are July 10, 2008
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(Verb) (murf-ing) When one wears the same shirt for 3+ days in a row. Typically resulting in a body odor that everybody can smell except for the one who is murphing.
Got this new Supreme shirt so murphing must be the best way to break it in. Everyone needs to know!
by whatsthewordwordword October 16, 2015
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A usual murphing consists of repeated insertions of small deceased animals. (e.g. small rabbits, and dogs) and subsequent birthing into the hands of the 'doctor'.

In more recent years a murph-machine is required to cylindricate larger animals. Devout followers of traditional murphing have started an online movement to ban use of such machines.
"Dude, I was murphing the fuck out of Mary last night. The only way it would have better is if I had a murph-machine. I had to throw away a perfectly good rabbit... what else am I gonna use THAT for."
by owb_boys July 19, 2008
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To be sunbathing on a beach, from Sara and Gerald Murhpy who made the activity fashionable in the 50's.
This summer we'll go murphing on a beach.
by emmm... March 10, 2019
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