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When a hot girl tries to pander to the nerdy crowd by claiming to be a nerd. Usually an actress or booth-babe at a convention.

Named after Olivia Munn from Attack of the Show and The Daily Show
Check out that chick in the Princess Leia costume! I can't believe she is into Star Wars!

Dude, she's just Munning
by Play with us Danny May 04, 2011
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When you dig up a chicks 2 week old body and start to eat her out, then your friend would either leg or elbow drop her stomach, causing all of the maggots and fluid to go into your mouth and down your throat
"Hey Steve, want to go munning?"
"I cant man, I'm still sick from last time"

Also can be used as the act of munning ex to "mun"
by munning March 01, 2009
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