usually amazing with big beautiful eyes. an amazing friend and very sympthatic. good listener and gives good advice. you can usually trust them with anything. very sweet girl who is faithful but not innocent. cares very much about the person they love but just doesn't know how to show it. Not a whore but somehow tends to be amazing in bed. really knows how to seduce a guy and turn them on. beautiful face, cute, fun, and bubbly personality with a banging body. knows how to have fun.
Man, I really want to find a girl ...I wish I had a Leia.
by B.Reedd December 22, 2016
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A very kind, sweet and caring girl. On the outside she is shy and quiet. Once you get her talking her artistic side starts to show.
by Just_me_down_here June 8, 2016
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Nice and sweet girl. Very childish and funny and has the straitest hair and teeth. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of brown. She may be dirty minded but she is still sweet and innocent. She likes to do sports and is very athletic . She is sometime VERY rude . Tbh you can’t take her seriously. She is the prettiest and funniest Samoan you know:)
I really like this girl leia , she is the nicest and funniest and prettiest girl I know -
by Always smile 1226 May 15, 2018
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A totally funny girl who is as innocent as granny apples pie. She has big eyes and perfectly straight teeth to be jealous of. She'll always be there to help you out and just be herself which make you love her even more. Very trustworthy, smart, God worthy and one of a kind. So happy to have her as my friend!
Hiya! I'm Leia! Yepperdee doo dah!
by Me (the one and only) January 17, 2013
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Leia is a wonderful person, someone who has beautiful luxurious hair, a cute and pretty face and especially pretty lips. Might be named after Princess Leia from Star Wars. She might wear glasses, but she can see without them. She's part of the meme community, and watches PewDiePie and makes a lot of friends over memes. Because of this, she's really really funny and will do silly things and is really fun to be around after you get to know her well. She tends to text people over platforms and get to know them really well and have conversations that last until 2am in the morning sometimes, but in person she's socially awkward and really really shy. She tends to be the one to break the ice when in situations where she doesn't know anyone or in front of people her age, but she's often very shy in front of popular people that seem interested in her or people a grade up, because she doesn't want to say something bad and embarrass herself to these people. No matter what situation she's in, she can give really good advice (especially about relationships) and will stick by her friends no matter what. A lot of boys like her and think she's pretty, but she doesn't think so herself and if someone compliments her saying that she's pretty, she'll be really embarrassed and flustered and say no I'm really not. People consider her borderline popular, because she knows a lot of people but she doesn't start drama.
Leia's such a nice person! I really want her to be my friend... she seems like she would know how being socially awkward feels like.
by bitchlasagna69 August 3, 2019
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She’s very out going and loves to be around her friends. She sometimes feels lonely and has thoughts that she’s maybe not good enough but at the end of the day she is very thankful for everything and loves her friends and family very very much. She also will always be there to give you advice on anything
by Helppmeee February 10, 2019
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A tall white/ hispanic girl who is smart, attractive in a weird way that you can't explain, because she's one of the guys, but you also want to bang her... she usually loves one subject in school over all others and has beautiful hair always.
Her parents are most likely dumb and can't spell Leah, or are Star Wars nerds and named her after princess Leia. Everyone mispronounces her name as lee-uh and she hates that, never mispronounce her name if you want to be her friend or more! She's the perfect girl that can hang and be a guy, but has tits!:D
Hey Leia, sup bro what chu doin later? you wanna hang?(mind thoughts, Damn this girl is one sexy ass bro.)
by leiavill August 22, 2014
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