al Munira:

An unreal beauty with a face full of light, everyone gets star struck upon meeting her. She looks like a doll. It is obvious that she is royalty and she carries herself like a true Queen. Humble, wise, silent, observant, mysterious, charming, beautiful; her soul is made up of something else. One of the rarest human beings you will ever come across. People often wonder if she’s even real. She has a heart of gold and exchanges kind words to everyone she crosses paths with, she’s always there for everyone around her even when her own world is falling apart. She’s impacted so many people around her in the best way possible. She is a living legend. A noble woman with nothing but goodness in her bestowed by Allah (SWT). Many people try to tear her down but she always rises above and gets better and better. This Queen deserves the world. All she needs is her King. 🖤
“Damn sometimes I wonder if Munira’s even real, look at her! “

“Yeah, she’s literally unreal. I love her 😍 “
by Yahilwahayati November 08, 2019
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Munira u have to know there is no dictionary in this world could describe you , no enough pages and no enough words and sentences to describe you .

cat ,undesirable , rare , angel , cutie, shy, gorgeous, fabulous, lovely , .... and every thing nice in this language.

munira منيرة
by the cat’s father February 01, 2020
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Munira’s one of the pengest girls you’ll find she’s sexy, cute and amazing no one outdoes her and she’ll make your mood change from 0 to 1000 in a second. No guys wants to miss his chance of Munira one mistake and that dude gone.
Joe:ay yo I jus saw Munira round the store
Max:yea but she my girl
Joe:lucky our ere
by Joe2447 March 30, 2019
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a very beautiful girl inside and out ,with psychological charm.Who is very shy at first but is usually the loudest and funniest around people she is comfortable with. She is very attached to her religion and is kind hearted and strong minded whose loyalty is never questioned no matter the situation.
Omg your so funny you must be a Munira”
by Mcarlos October 27, 2018
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Most beautiful girl of the block. Every dreiri wants her, the way she styles her Allah headband got them drooling 😻 She dresses modest but everyone knows what a big ass is hiding behind the gordijn.
Oh do you know her? Yes that's munira from the block. Don't even try she will reject you she's too beautiful for you.
by Njjnjfhj February 24, 2017
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The BEST pitbull stan to exist but is also Mrs Worldwide, she’s also the funniest person to exist alive(and dead!), claiming to be funny is illegal unless you’re referring it to Munira.
worldwider: munira? the funny one?
anti: nah she isn’t funn-(dead)
worldwider: 😮😮oops
by BILLNYESIXNINE October 11, 2021
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a very nice girl with both physical and psychological charm.
W'aaaaaaw! That Munira must be for Aman.
by McCarlos October 24, 2007
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