n., A Redondo Beach wanna be metal band, so unoriginal they show their maverickiness by running around in black t-shirts & jeans like all the other wanna bes. So untalented they took the name of a modestly successful East Coast band. Wanna be Multiverse talks big but doesn’t deliver as seen by their 2008 Facebook page bragging about their again soon-to-be-released album, Perceptive Complexity (“Prepare to be destroyed!” – uh, yeah.) Like so many metal bands they confuse skill for talent & whatever skill this band has is undone by its lack of talent.

While the lead guitar has more talent & ability than his kid brother drummer, that's not saying much. Like lots of drummers he bought a huge drum kit to makes up for his talent. One member is so talented, his only contribution is “Screams”, period. Wow. While they blame their failure to release an album on having an incomplete band, adding a bass player in 2009 didn’t seem to fix the problem.

Their only “accomplishment” so far is putting up lots of YouTube clips of them wasting time laying down tracks. In short, the band has all the earmarks of a twenty-something wannabe & his kid brother who continue to leaching off of mommy & daddy, living in mommy’s basement, driving her car, & claiming the reason they don’t have jobs, much less a contract, is that they’re undiscovered, super-awesome talented musicians who need just a little more time before they’ll get that that next, uhh… first big break.
Chip: God damn, Dale! What the hell you listening to?

Dale: Oh, sorry Chip… I was just listening to some of the soundtracks the Homeland Security goons use to torture their detainees… it’s a bunch of wanna bes called “Multiverse”…

Chip: Well, turn that crap off! You're scaring the dogs!
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All the finite universes (extremely hypermassive globular clusters of galaxies floating in an infinite empty dark void known as Chaos), within space as a whole.
'The multiverse is the sum of all the universes: countless extremely hypermassive globular clusters of galaxies floating in an infinite empty dark void known as Chaos.'

(Note: The multiverse isn't to be confused with the multi-metaverse. Please see the definition of multi-metaverse for more information).
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 5, 2022
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The hypothesis in which our universe turns out to be one among an enormous number of seperate and distinct universes that have evolved down though the aeons. Most universes are dead and uninteresting. Only a tiny subset do the laws of physics promote the emergence of stars, planets and life.
There is nothing special about the status of our universe within the infinity of universes that constitute the multiverse.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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The multiverse is a collection of universes in one there could be finite or infinite of them in here it is conained in the megaverse
NaN (Multiverse no sentence)
by 19292911 June 13, 2020
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Multiverse is a infinite numbers of Parallel Universes with different laws of physics and infinite numbers of Universes with the same laws of physics as our universe.
cosmologist 1: We once believe that The Universe was all there.

cosmologist 2: Now we know there are a infinite number of universes making a Multiverse.
by Kerria190 November 28, 2016
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When the eternal universe was replicated and ported into a parallel, the concept to describe the area had to explain multiple strings of 3d multiverse.
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Someone who is considered a sexual chameleon and is very open and explorative in their sexual orientation.
Yo Matt, you’re hella multiversal, you fucked Lindsay while sucking Josh’s dick while being fucked by Hannah!
by isai_sakurai April 30, 2021
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