Lets play a game.
What do all these things have in common?

Onions, 7 layer bean dip, photoshop™ files, your uncle wearing 3 lightweight sweaters, dual layer dvds, the earth, baklava, cake, discord, parking structures and ogres.

A: Balloons
B: Nitrogen
C: The inevitable death of the universe
D: Layers


It's layers
Person 1: Damn, shrek has all these sexy layers.
Person 2: Wtf are you talking about?
by JewManBoy May 29, 2018
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(v.): the act of wearing multiple layers of clothing directly on top of one another to stay warm in the fall and winter whilst continuing to be a fashionable motherfucker.
Girl A: Omigod Tom looked SO hot on NYE

Girl B: It's the layering; he stays warm while staying hot ;)

Girl C: He wore a full-zip Billabong hoodie over an old t-shirt. . .

Girl D: #CALife
by MrBdub24 October 24, 2015
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A mixture of intoxicants in the blood stream.

Boys, its going in all directions tonight. This girl is talking like a Turk and my feet feel like fuzzy felts...I am well and truly layered
by Drop September 22, 2003
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Dude, you wouldn't believe what he told her so he could screw her. He's worse than players and liars--a real layer.
by Steed Dropout August 22, 2012
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To get so owned by forces out of your control you mention mention in for the rest of your life in conversation with your buddies.

Always referring back to that fateful month in the summer of 2021 when we lost 100k collectively via a rug pull.
Yo remember when we got layered, jive lost 60k bro.
by Sleepyjoebipump October 7, 2021
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The correct term for someone who does cosplay. Or at the very least, it means that the person cosplays well.

This usually means that they take part in cosplay groups, do skits to go with their costumes, sew their own costumes, and maybe write a doujinshi on the side. Their costumes generally look better than most cosplayers because they spend more time and more money laying out a pattern and taking the time to do it right.
Jan Kurotaki is one of the best layers in Japan.
by potato-sensei February 8, 2006
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