14 definitions by TF'ingBoiHimself

It's an acronym
Stands for number one choice if forced

This is the person that you are good friends with but not necessarily in the friend zone with, they are that person that if you were single looking for a relationship and they had to pick someone it would be you and vice versaa
SomeGuy: Damn that girl is niceeee.

gGuy: brooo, if you want her you have to get through me first.

gggGuy: why? You aren't even dating.

gGuy: yeah but I'm her nocif.
by TF'ingBoiHimself June 08, 2020
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Pronuciation - gwoahst
Whatsapp Ghost


A person who turns off profile picture, blue ticks, last seen and status views on WhatsApp.
Described as a ghost because they virtually are invincible and can appear out of nowhere.
-gGuy: ugh I think she blocked me.

-ggGuy: nooo chill, she's a gwhost.
by TF'ingBoiHimself June 13, 2020
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A combination of the words
Dick and Sucker

W some letters cut off

Used for hot girls that know they hot and use it to their advantage to get all they want NOT NECESSARILY SOMEONE THAT GIVES blow jobs

A disu is very popular at her school or workplace

Usually doesn't pay you back or give you your stuff
Disu: * approaches *

Disu:* hugs him *

* they engage in some genhit *
Disu: so can I have some money.

gGuy: I don't have any.

Disu: come on please * holds his hands *.

gGuy: OK, but I want it back
Disu: OK byeee * hugs gGuy *
by TF'ingBoiHimself April 10, 2020
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Dualsociality is the state of being both asocial and social or in other words introverted and extroverted.
Especially popular with Gen Z as they tend to want to be popular and famous on social medias but a lot of the time lack the ability to hold or even start a worthwhile and utilitarian conversation.

Teenagers are especially susceptible to this as they claim to be "very social and talkative but only with people I know and shy when it comes to strangers"
And the extroverts have moodswings and one moment are themselves and the next want to be a quiet person
ggGuy : "why was the hangout boring?"

gGuy : "ugh, I just suddenly became asocial and didn't want to flirt"
ggGuy : "damn, and you were meant to be one of the coolest people there"
ggGuy + gGuy : "being dualsocial though"
by TF'ingBoiHimself October 20, 2020
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Usually a compliment

When ur hands so big or your fingers long it looks as tho u can easily hold a basketball ball with one hand, like yo fingers can wrap around it

And btw girls love guys w/ basketball hands probbc u can use em fingers to please her, u can usually wrap them around her hands to keep her warm and bc the guys r usually tall

Btw don't mess w someone w bball hands
gGuy :Broo I don't wanna mess with him
ggGuy : You can take him bruh
gGuy : bro he has dem basketball hands, one punch I'm out
ggGuy : legit, get outta there bro
by TF'ingBoiHimself April 08, 2020
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Mingro is the nickname of a special kind of boy

Mingro focuses on what's best for their nearby future
Mingro does all their school work before running out into the streets with the gang

Mingro keeps his girl close and keeps options around but he doesn't cheat (he does flirt though)
Don't forget that name

He likes to walk alone, he is focused on the cash and earning respect.

He might also steal your girl.
by TF'ingBoiHimself September 20, 2020
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Abbreviated to LN
The most expensive or biggest you can possibly get
Whether its a burger or a car or tshirt

The last number is the top of the pile, it's maximum, the highest you can get or go
gGuy : "hmm, entry level is 20bucks. Nah nah, I'll buy me the Last Number for 100"
by TF'ingBoiHimself December 11, 2020
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