1. The personification of Nature; The giver and sustainer of life. Perhaps the most ancient of all goddesses, worshiped back in prehistorical times.

2. Our home world, planet Earth.
1. In Greek mythology, Gaia is Mother Earth.

2. We had best take care of Mother Earth.
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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A giant floating rock that lost its value after humans came into existence.
Mother Earth will die a slow, painful death.
by we found a problem October 8, 2007
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A person who doesn't leave any holes on the surface of the earth unviolated. It involves fucking animal burrows, golf holes, borewells, wells, trenches, sinkholes, tunnels, graves and the like. Its origins can be traced back to the traditional glory holes. The participants wanted to feel one with nature. Erect their edifice into the ground, literally planting their seeds. A sub kink of this likes a BDSMeque twist where tree trunks are fair target for there perverse desires. Many a woodpecker nests have been flooded in such a manner. The practice is usually followed during the rains, when mother earth is adequately lubed to be penetrated.
_Jack is such a mother earth fucker, he goes to a golf course and thinks it's an orgy._

_A Mother earth fucker died as he got sucked inside a quicksand while trying to fuck it_
by Shaadinipples August 30, 2021
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Mother Earth's Peace Band was a 3 piece band in the mid 2000's. Organ, guitar, and drums. No longer together or active. Unfortunately.
Mother Earth's Peace Band put funk, blues, soul, and rock into one band. It's a shame that Mother Earth's Peace Band broke up.
by MEPB #1 Fan July 28, 2010
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A psychedelic blues band. That brings back the sounds of the 60's. sounds like the grateful, buddy guy, my morning jacket, the doors, strawberry alarm clock, and umphreys mcgee all in one.
Dude says - Mother Earth Peace Band, was the best band i've seen live.

Other dude says - fuckin' right it was.
by Uncle Blunt November 7, 2006
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My lightning conceived was I
The stars above became my eyes
Overgelmer flows in my veins
My hair the mist across the never ending nameless lake
By womb of soil, the moist of dew
Born when sun was high, the day was new
And the raven soared high up in clear sky
The lamb will speak to you, when your heart is pure
And you were made by

Mother Earth, Father Thunder

This heart winged, I am eagles son
Through storm and syite, untouched, it is pounding on
This sword, forged in fire and ice
The runes that trail its blade can be seen but by my two eyes

As if written in the snow, the lies, shall melt away
By the wheel of sun to cross the sky this day
Shadows may lay heavy upon the earth
But the truth, cut deep in stone, will last
Till the heavens comes tumbling down upon this world

Mother Earth, Father Thunder
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When your best friend is far too immoral, criminal, insane, and overal lesbianish to be allowed to be a god mother, therefore you give them the title of earth mother to make them feel important.
"Amanda I don't know if you can be a god mother to my children, you are kinda weird."

"Well then Heidi I think I should be their...EARTH MOTHER!!"
by NationalAAHday October 27, 2011
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