Oh my god, I forwarded a sexual innuendo to all my co-workers by accident! I am so mortified.
by Maybelline October 6, 2007
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This word means when your ashamed or feel bad of yourself. You don’t feel as good as you usually will feel like.
Friend: I feel mortify

You: Why do you feel ashamed of yourself?
by lizziehamel@gmail.com February 7, 2020
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he idiot who smoke weed and date homeless dogs
Gay Mortifier

by RATSAREGAY February 15, 2019
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The feeling anyone gets when they open the Thin Crust Pizza "Dinner Entree" by NutriSystem, and discover that the disk is only 4" across.
This is my dinner entree. I am mortified!
by Kate Stevens March 28, 2008
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A super crazy hyperactive dog that runs fast
Dukas runs like a mortified runner
by Omychiz October 21, 2017
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