Translation-challenged way to refer to a main dish (at a restaurant) in the United States. It is directly derived from the French word "entrée" meaning "starter" or "appetizer".
I'm just going to go ahead and directly have an entree of cheeseburger and fries please.
by rorrzo August 4, 2017
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heater, burner, gun, glock, heat, nine. any kind of gun.
imma spray him wit the entree if he keep talkin.
by Myles Webster July 5, 2004
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When youre jealous of the food the person you're dining with orders, and you wish you'd ordered it instead what you actually got.
"That burger looks amazing, I'm having serious entree envy"
by Jaclyn W August 21, 2008
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1)Disappointment caused by the inability to get a menu item for which one has an enhanced craving or anticipation.
2)Dissatisfaction caused when a meal or course received is not what was anticipated or expected.
1) Entree Anxiety would be caused by going to a special restaurant to order one's favorite item only to discover that it is no longer on the menu.
2)To order a menu item which one has been craving, but when the dish is served it is different or substandard to what one had expected would cause entree anxiety.
by Pat Lanagan January 2, 2008
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Skipping that foreplay bullshit (appetizers) and jumping right into sex ( the entree).
Guy 1: Yo man did she blow you before you fucked her?

Guy 2: Nah man, no appetizers just entrees.

Guy 1: What?

Guy 2: Fuck foreplay man, I dove right in and got it
by macmanjeff1992 November 23, 2010
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To give someone an improperly cooked meal
Payton (Hells Kitchen: Young Guns) gave Megan Ramsey a shitty entree of unseasoned noodles for her birthday
by Psdeo July 7, 2021
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