A desperate individual looking to exchange sexual favors on Omegle.
Go watch porn or something you morf. No one likes you here.
by PhilipSeymourHoff-Man July 3, 2020
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Probably derived from being so high that you see things morph into different objects

Morf is like when you really tired and just got woken up

When you high
Like proper high (to the point where u sound tired and dizzy)
gGuy: "I like my weed dirty cause it make me proper morf"
ggGuy: "yehhhhhhhh uhhh, I finna get proper high"
by TF'ingBoiHimself November 9, 2020
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The intellectual intertwining of two powerful minds manifesting into an ever expanding, mighty industrial machine whose soul purpose is to increase the value and purpose of individuals under it's gainful employ.
If it wasn't for Morfe, I would never believe in actual capitalism; it truly changed my outlook on entrepreneurship.
by Dread Cpt Planet March 15, 2018
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A person free of apparent sexual classification traits including but not limited to facial hair, breasts, Adam's apple, and gender-specific clothing. Derived from the customary question to other onlookers: Male or Female?

Note: This term does not imply that the allegedly gender-neutral person can tangibly "morph" from one sex to another, but only that they may appear to modulate in gender over time.
Randy: "Miguel, is that a male or female?"
James: "He's definitely a...wait, she's a woman...maybe..."
Miguel: "No, actually, I think it's a MorF."
by I'm not a MorF December 19, 2006
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A silly person- not morph
You're such a morf!
by bigbrother May 21, 2004
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