Misprinted word in Trivial Pursuit of Seinfeld which is actually Moors. Because of this, the Moors is now sometimes referred to as the Moops.
It's not the Moors, it's the Moops!
by Pang Mu April 8, 2003
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knickname for the group that invaded Spain in the 16th century. Real name Moors, but due to Seinfeld, sometimes referred to as the Moops
George: "Sorry, but the card says Moops."

Bubble Boy: "There's NO MOOPS!"
by Yigstein's Money February 17, 2011
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Term used as slang in some parts of Great Britain. "Moops" or a "Moop" originated from a comical act in many northern industrial towns. Later used to express group of comical or crazy people in jest.
"That guy's Mooping crazy" "Hey Moops how's the squirrel ?"
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A small bovine that lacks lactating abilities. Usually can be found in the Southern plains of America and frequently blamed for unexplained phenomena.
Who left the toilet seat up? Ummm, Moops did it?
by babydababy October 18, 2008
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An endearing Norwegian spinoff of the Australian term ‘woop woop’ used to describe everyday items that a person either wants to have handed to them or as a means to direct someone to a misplaced item.

Not recommended to be used around children, as may intervene with their natural language development.
Person A;
“Babes, can you pass the moop moop?”
(points to salt whilst eating dinner)
Person B;
“Sure, here ya go babes”
(grabs salt and hands it to Person A)


Person B;
“Babes, have you seen my wallet?”
Person A;
“It’s by the moop moop (fruit bowl), in the moopy doop* (kitchen)”

* Moop moop cannot be used twice in a sentence, instead use ‘moopy doop’ as a second intended moop moop. Do not seek to use a moop moop beyond a moopy doop.
by liv&steve February 21, 2021
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(verb): The experience of writing an e-mail to a large group of co-workers, and drawing a reply-to-all that sets out in point-by-point excruciating detail all the errors in your e-mail, and how you are a complete moron, for the entire group to see.
I thought I'd analyzed that issue correctly, but man, did I get mooped!
by 1Platypus March 13, 2013
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