n. any of a species of greasy-haired, pedophilic co-worker who invents stories about a fictitious life, makes jokes so bad your eyes run, and is generally incompetent, but suspiciously still employed.
"That guy brought down the entire development server for the third time today and now he's having lunch with the boss. He must be a real moop!"
by moop_go_boom March 25, 2010
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To combine moping and pooping. The volume of pooping increases with the amount of moping.
That guy can only moop around, and it's destroying the carpet.
by roboninja hunter July 31, 2006
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The act of squeezing an erotic or sexual part of the body playfully and without sexual intent.
Squeezing your partners breast and laughing childishly while shouting "Moop!"

"God damn you Charlene, I'm so gonna moop you"

"You're such a mooper"
by Mooper391 May 03, 2010
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No definate definition. Used when ever necassary and can be used to replace most nouns and some verbs.
Guy 1: Dude fuck you and your moopin ways. i hope you moop off a cliff.

Guy 2: Dude.... So not moop of you to say that.
by Nigarachi23 March 31, 2010
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A completely random word used in the right situation.

Calls someone "Moopy". They are Moop-like.
The use of Mooping, Being able to Moop someone/thing.

Moop slips out your rear end; Fart.
Eg. Man you're a Moop!
Would you like some Moop?
I'm feeling a little bit Moopy....
Oops, i let a Moop slip out >.<
How many Moops you know roll like this?
by SoulDynasty / Richie September 21, 2006
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