Noun: derogatory slang; a stupid bastard

Verb: to move about aimlessly with no real sense of purpose, perhaps due to stupidity or depression
Noun: Look at that big moop over there in his jorts. What a loser.

Verb: He's been mooping around ever since his jorts got stolen.
by Big Moop September 14, 2008
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When you moon someone and poop at the same time.
Dude I just got Mooped by some kid in that school bus :/

Lets go Mooping tonight!

Im gonna moop that old man.
by Salad21 April 27, 2011
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a shortened version of the phrase "Massive Poop"
Herbie sat on the toilet and transcended taking a poop, it was much more massive; he took a moop
by mofotronimus October 10, 2006
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a word that can be used in any situation, much like the word "Fuck"

where you might say "Fuck that" you could say "Moop that" but moop is in no way a replacement of fuck, it is more like a random word that can be put in any sentence to make it more interesting, while still making sence
moop (as a greating)

stop mooping around, your making the house look moopy

I mooped myself infront of everyone the other day

thats mooping rediculous

once apon a time, a dog mooped a cat

thats a mooping large donkey

moop you too

i'd rather it if you didnt moop all over me

where the moop did you find that

stop mooping in your pants

this room is full of too much moop

moop (as an answer to something you don't know an answer to)

thats a mooping fine chicken

hmmm, moop

sally mooped harry

you lost your sence of moop

that haircut looks totally moop (possitive)

that haircut looks totally moop (negative)

lets go moop your mum

that bastard just mooped me

you are such a moop

thats enough mooping examples

someone mooped my ass

that is so unmooping
by samuel and joseph February 21, 2007
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(n) The sound that one makes when they sit around all bored like and say "moop."

(v) to moop -- The act of sitting around not doing anything but twiddling ones thumbs and making the sound "moop."
Gary sat at his computer screen and having reached the end of the internet with there being no more exciting websites to read, started twiddling his thumbs and saying "moop."
by insinternets December 05, 2008
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