A crazy yet loveable girl who is a social misfit. She will always follow her heart. Mooky will always be beautiful although in subtle ways.
John: Who's that gorgeous girl over there?
Blake: Don't know her name but sure is a Mooky.
by whisper dagger January 14, 2008
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any and all adjectives that are used in a positive way. usually followed by a destination
"hey yo dat pie is mooky as hell"
"dose laps round da field was was not mooky as hell"
"gimi some o yo mooky pretzels"
"dat smoovy was mooky as fiji"
"yo my puppy pooped on da flow, n i said hey bitch dat aint mooky"
by Mike405698 October 10, 2007
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Gorgeous, sexy, sweet, shy, styling, fly, super intelligent bad boy...20 - 25 years old.
OMG! Check out that Mooky!
by mimoo January 13, 2004
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Zain : that girls so mooky
Shaz : nah shes booky
Zain : She's Mooky.
by BigManTingz July 11, 2011
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mooky is sperm. mooky is also the act of cumming. mooky is the present, past, and future tense of this word.
OMFG! ya. his mooky tastes soooooo good!
by Kian Dragon December 15, 2010
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Unbelievably attractive/smart/funny without being aware of it.
I'm so lucky to be with my Mooky
by Peter Pperfect June 12, 2018
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A girl who is obsessed with bright colours, is often crazy. Loveable, too.
A crazy action.
Ohmygosh, her alterego is Mooky!
She totally just mooky'd!
by Sarah February 20, 2005
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