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A crazy yet loveable girl who is a social misfit. She will always follow her heart. Mooky will always be beautiful although in subtle ways.
John: Who's that gorgeous girl over there?
Blake: Don't know her name but sure is a Mooky.
by whisper dagger January 14, 2008
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a combination between a cookie and a muffin
no i would not like some cookies or a muffins, i would like some mookies instead
by The_Lost_BoY October 06, 2006
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any and all adjectives that are used in a positive way. usually followed by a destination
"hey yo dat pie is mooky as hell"
"dose laps round da field was was not mooky as hell"
"gimi some o yo mooky pretzels"
"dat smoovy was mooky as fiji"
"yo my puppy pooped on da flow, n i said hey bitch dat aint mooky"
by Mike405698 October 10, 2007
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Gorgeous, sexy, sweet, shy, styling, fly, super intelligent bad boy...20 - 25 years old.
OMG! Check out that Mooky!
by mimoo January 13, 2004
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