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Arabic name for Beautiful.

A person named Zain is usually set to accomplish big things in life. He is a ladies man and a very tall and muscular person, and a very smooth personality. Usually known for his forward fashion sense and always willing to go out on a limb for anyone. He is a soft-spoken individual who always puts his morals before anything else.
Did you see Zain at the club last night?

No, he was at the mosque praying.
by Habibi23 July 23, 2012
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A great guy who has many secrets but is close to so many people. While he can be stubborn he is right most of the time and the world is not the same when he is not there. He is also a great person to be around and makes everything brighter. He is very funny and has a lot to say but always thinks before he speaks (mostly)
Zain is the best
by Lea michele lover August 06, 2017
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zain is an Arabic word that means beautiful. It is a common name. Typically Zain is a name for males and Zainah is the female version.
His name is Zain. He's not necessarily effeminate because of it. It's a really good name. You should name your child Zain (or Zainah if its a girl)
by Zain February 01, 2005
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Noun: An extremely good looking, charming, witty, intelligent, and handsome man. Popularly acknowledged for being able to see through into the souls of women, and make even the most broken and emotionally damaged ones whole again. Also an individual highly regarded for his natural sexual prowess, and the ability to take even the most cold-hearted bitch to a peak of sexual satisfaction that even she had never fathomed.
My God! She caught herself such a Zain! That lucky bitch!

The only thing that can bring that goth bitch back to anything close to normal is a Zain.

Commissioner Gordon: We have a psychotic, homocidal bitch, a terrorist, and a mob of angry prostitutes with shotguns outside! Fuck Batman. We need a Zain.

Because of that Zain my vagina will never be the same again!

Even my labia gasped, "Zain!" as he was making love to me!
by Amanda-1986x September 10, 2011
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1. A male name with Arabic origin. Has a meaning of "beauty".

2. An archaic English term for a horse of a solid dark color with no spots and no white or gray.

1. His name is Zain.

2. As he looked down the valley, he could see a zain galloping away from him.
by Z a i n May 09, 2009
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the meaning of zain is an arabic word for the meaning cool as in cold but meant in the same way is cool- a person who social status is above others
that guy is so zain

you couldnt be more zain if you tried
by zen rasul April 17, 2010
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What is the ethnic origin?

What does it mean?
Variant of Zane or John.

What's the gender (commonly)?

The number 7 in Hebrew is Zain, meaning sword, the letter associated with The Lovers. As such, 7 means choices, decisions, discrimination. 7 is a holy number. There are 7 days in the week and 7 Major Principles of Hermeticism. Seven is the combination of 3 and 4 and can represent unification and oneness.
\Zain\, n.
A horse of a dark color, neither gray nor white, and having
no spots. --Smart.
by zain May 04, 2004
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