Having qualities that inspire or deserve love and affection; such as, power, intelligence, kindness, goodness, charm, or sex appeal.
Famous Loveable Quotes:
"You've got to Love what's Loveable and hate what's hateable. It takes brains to see the difference." ~Robert Frost
"Do you Love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you Love me?" ~Cinderella
by clamorous February 12, 2013
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When you meet someone and they look like someone you can be good friends with and will love everybody
That girl called Sarah looks so loveable
by swaggergirl12 September 26, 2019
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You are loveable because you see and take me as I am, with all the flaws, all the good and the bad.

You make me smile, cry laugh, cry, and in the end I just see you for who you are when you're with me.

This kind, caring person, who brought so much out of me, just because he cares. I know it's all worth it, that's why I decided to take the risk, because no matter the outcome, it will still be worth in the end.

No matter what you are for others, you are best for me, someone I can see myself in, damaged, broken but a fighter, someone who doesn't give up, doesn't matter how hard it gets. You can see through me as I can through you 🙂 I am not someone who loses hope, so I'll give you some of mine. Because you deserve it.

I'm here.
It's going to be alright.

When you're not sure, read again.

You are 💯 loveable.
For my loveable love ❤️

I got ya
by Im7 October 9, 2023
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1. Having Loving Qualities

2. Being Lovable and Adorable

3. Cute and Affectionate

4. Being Mushy and Cuddly

5. Giving a Feeling of Warmth and Happiness

6. Something You Want to Hug ALL Day
Puppies are just a warm ball of loveableness!
by Kev Kev 91 December 19, 2012
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the ability to love someone with respect from your friends/family members
"I finally got loveability , but not a boyfriend/girlfriend"
by mytimegirl February 17, 2018
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Someone who is overall a douchebag but has a certain quality to him that makes him loveable and acceptable to others.
He just gave me a racist remark but the way he said it was so funny, that loveable douchebag.
by Paperjoe June 16, 2010
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