Booky- when somebody is acting strange or wierd. Typically used in nuneaton, Coventry and Birmingham area. A roadman word.
by Baderzzgal May 1, 2019
Scary , wired or awkward situation , place or thng
“Nah it’s dark and that ally way be looking hella booky bruv
by Aceofspades1964 August 15, 2019
When a person is acting suspicious, weird or out of the ordinary.
Look at Margret over there she’s acting booky.
by Snapz14813 June 23, 2010
Having one too many sambucas
Matt: Oi, fancy getting a bit booky?
Josh: I'm already booky mate
by Jafrob August 9, 2018
Something you wouldn't want to see/experience when high or under the influence of drugs.
*is high*
*police slowly drives past*
"That was bare booky"

*takes acid*
*tripping major ballsack*
*house is making him feel uneasy*
"This house is booky as fuck mate"
by BookyDickwad January 7, 2016
The book exists in all of us, if you have a friend that acts strange and does weird but funny stuff frequently...he has a strong connection with the book and is a Bookmeister. Book is essentially weirdness but in a good way. places can also be classed as Booky if they are also weird in a good way.
Guy 1: Gebraltah is so booky Guy 2: yes, he pulls the weirdest faces and makes the weirdest sounds
by How To Play December 1, 2020
Next level of Retard-ness
He is too Booky!
by Dee.Rav April 22, 2013