Someone who acts in a freakish manner, paranoid, fucked up, sloppy, someone to steer clear of in public places
She always acts like a freakshow once she starts doing shots of Jager!
by Kelly Schmiedeler March 30, 2005
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An exhibition where bizaar things are shown, rarities, curioses. In the past a form of entertainment very popular among people since it presented strangely-looking, somehow deformed people as presented in David Lynche's 'The Elephant Man'. It might presented fire-eaters and sword-swallowers as well.
We've been to a freak show. There was this woman who was able to fold herself in a cube and a guy whose body was covered in scales all over!
by necrotism June 5, 2006
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1. a friend that is always putting on freaky displays of a great variety
2. a highly entertaining risque individual.
"nice nudie pix freak show"
"you were dancing on the bar last night freak show"
by andi September 9, 2003
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A group of misfits,wierdos,or fruit loops. You know...the out of the ordinary group of kids who everyone doesn't find very popular or "cool enough"
Hey kid,get out of here and go with the freak show yeah?
by The stupidest kid. July 12, 2006
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A circus that displays people with abnormal or unusual oddities. Examples of such people include bearded women, Siamese twins, or in the case of The Saga of Darren Shan, a woman who can bite through steel, a man with two bellies, a vampire and his spider, a snake boy, a man who is afraid of the ground, a monkey girl, et al. Legal back before television was invented.
A freak show back in those times had evil con men rounding up people who had physical deformities, putting them in cages, paying the public to stare at them and forcing them to perform insane tricks that could hurt or kill normal people who imitated them. The people who saw these freak shows were just as disturbed as the people who ran them. These shows are now illegal because of the abusive nature, and the discrimination these performers faced because the public were conned into thinking that they were freaks, which meant that they were misunderstood by those who realized that they were entirely normal and that the real freaks were the people who ran these human circuses. Although there are exceptions like American Horror Story: Freak Show, and Cirque du Freak where there would be actual freaks running the shows, these were in the minority. Today, there might be shows like this which we call reality television, which displays people like Abby and Brittany, who would have qualified to be in a freak show if they were around when those things were legal. They are scary depending on the acts that are performing.
by chad'srockergrrrll April 6, 2015
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An overly tattooed person.
A person with multiple piercings in uncommon places.
A person who wears bizarre clothing.
A person with multiple tattoos, piercings and bizarre clothing.
A woman who has no respect for her body or her reputation.
Bob: " Did you check out that new strip club?"
Sam: "You mean the freak show? All the dancers were covered
in tattoos. I was disgusted."
by jsd9632 November 7, 2012
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1. When a dude is going to bone a chick and the guy is all like ready to be fucked crazy hard, and then she just starts doing some crazy ass shit, so the guy's like, "crazzzy asss bitchhh!!!", and they end up doing it in the butt.

2. When a girl has a really hairy vagina and she get pictures taken of it, and a lot of people see
ex1. Yo *girls name*! i hear you totally freak showed Jim last night!

ex2. SHE TOTALLY GOT FREAK SHOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Too hot to spot!!! February 6, 2008
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