A very obese, lazy bitch sitting in a 110 degree room, who hasn't showered in 5 years, and is entirely naked.
Neil: I live with a moist bitch.
The choir: *gasps*
by Humanish October 2, 2020
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A feeling you receive when you hear or see something you really like or enjoy
" That Synyster Gates guitar solo makes me moist!"

"This food is amazing! Im moist!"
by Arael67 January 3, 2015
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A word people pretend to hate because the internet told them too.
person 1: eww I hate the word moist

person 2: oh really? why?
person 1: ...............
by bramstoner September 24, 2020
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Definition of a wet sounding word... go on say it... MOIST... yeah sounds like a wet word.
Person 1: Moist...
Person 2: Wow, that's a wet word.
Person 3: I agree... MOIST.
by Yoshii-x June 6, 2013
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Moist. Is there a better word out there? I do not think so.

Moist means not quite swampy, yet close to a mushroom esq consistence.

Barney also used the word a times in a "How i Met Your Mother" episode.
Your cake is quite moist, if i were to say so myself
by 30bombseverygame March 1, 2016
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1) Moist is a street term used to describe a female who is very horny.

2) A girl with a very wet vagina
That sexy guy just told her he wants to get inside of her, she must be moist.

She moist, look at the wet stain on her pants. haha.
by Mr.Steal Yo Wife (Naim) February 5, 2013
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An adjective used to describe anything that's exciting .
A Synonym for cool, agreeing, true, hot, sexy ,
Wow.!!. those shoes are seriously Moist!

That's moist!
Moist that> ( true date)
by Taykit April 22, 2019
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