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Synyster Gates, Born Brian Haner Junior. He Is An Absolutely Amazing Guitar Player. He Plays Lead Guitar And Backing Vocals For The Kickass Californian Metal Band Avenged Sevenfold(A7x). Alot Of Guitarists Don't Do Long Solo's Live BEcause They Find It Difficult, But Syn Does 5 Minute Long Solo's Live. WITH EASE! He Is A SERIOUSLY Sexy Guy, Really Nice In Person. His Father Is Brian Haner Senior, Californian Guitarist. And His Mother Is Suzy Haner The Comic Hypnotist. He Has A Brother Called Brent And A Little Sister. He Lives In Huntington Beach, Orange County, California.
~ Synyster Gates?
~ Oh
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A7X (Avenged Sevenfold) extremely talented guitarist, who plays mesmerizing solos and is a Guitar God. A sexy motherfucker!
Preppy Poser Bitch : Who is that cute guy playing the guitar with the hat on?
Me: That's Synyster Gates or rather Synyster Fucking Gates, Guitar God, member of A7X, sexiest motherfucker you'll ever look at bitch! *knocks her the fuck out while moshing to A7X*
by one_warped_mom January 02, 2006
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A7X guitarist. Really freakin' good guitar player, and super-sexy.
"Nothing hurts my world,
just affects the ones around me
When sin's deep in my blood,
you'll be the one to fall."

Unholy Confessions,
Avenged Sevenfold
by Floydika August 03, 2005
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A FUCKIN LEDGE. Best modern day guitarist in the fuckin world, i wanna rape him and his guitar
Synyster gates is such a babe
by Oliver the Great November 16, 2006
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The lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold, a California Metal Band, also known as A7X. Synyster Gates is the awesomest fuckin guitar player ever, period. He does really diffecult guitar solos, like for Seize The Day, Afterlife, Unholy Confessions, and many others. And he does it all with ease.
Synyster Gates is the awesomeness.Listen to any A7X song and it's pretty obvious.

Praise King Synyster Fuckin Gates!!!
by XSoCutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyesX September 14, 2008
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