The loathed act of being killed by the over-powered Model 1887 shotgun in Modern Warfare 2, most notably in Akimbo form.
I swear to god if I get modeled one more time I'm never playing Modern Warfare 2 again!
by SToleniPOD December 28, 2009
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How model-like something is! Like whenever you look at someone who happens to have features like a model.
“Have you seen amy? Her features are very modelic
by Lynirie (on tiktok) June 09, 2021
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Modeling is when very pretty girls or guys of any ages get there pictures taken by photographers. usually they are advertising a brand of clothes, shoes, make-up, (ect.) a lot of people think models are stuck up. some of them might be but others are really nice. just because someone is a model dont assume they are stuck up because they usually won't be. Really anyone can model modeling agents look for all types of looks. it just depends if you have what they are looking for
Will :" my girlfriend is in modeling"
Austyn: " really she must be really gorgeous"
Will: " she is "
by ummidklol October 30, 2011
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A person with model-like features.
Modellic men usually have a strong jawline.
Modellic women usually have great posture.
You are modellic.
by Sunday Taylor December 29, 2007
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Attractive people employed by corporate assholes to make you feel like a fat and ugly slob that eats too many twinkies. They usually wear revealing clothing and stare into your soul for maximum effectiveness.
Look at those models, wow!

Yeah they make regular people look fat and ugly

Frikin assholes!
by ThatSneakyGuy December 15, 2010
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Pretty women or handsome men. No different from the ones you work with, go to school with, or hang out with
I look around and I see so many women who are just as beautiful and sexy as celebrities/models and they're just average people.

by McMuffin August 25, 2007
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Those hot chicks you see online and in mags that will never pose for porn.
Damn Sandi-Model is hot - to bad she'll never get nude on camera
by aplz August 13, 2004
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